Why Hire Shopify Experts For E-Commerce Website Development?

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  • Oct 04, 2021

E-Commerce has changed the business scenario completely, with retailers selling their products online rather than at a brick-and-mortar store. As a result, there is an increase in the need to develop an E-Commerce store that reflects both – aesthetics and functionality. Shopify Experts at Xcentric Services can do that for you by building an efficient and feature-rich online web store.

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What Is Shopify Preferred For?

Shopify is a retailer-favourite E-Commerce platform that helps sell products or services with just minimal configurations and integrations. By simply launching an advanced website as per your business requirements, you can sell single or multiple products online on Shopify. As a result, the ROI increases, and business revenues are boosted.

10 Benefits Shopify Experts Provide When Developing An E-Commerce Store

As a popular E-Commerce platform, Shopify allows building flexible and scalable online stores with customisable features. When providing Shopify Development Services, our goal is to help retailers launch an online web store from scratch and sell online successfully. To reach this goal, we leverage the following plus points of Shopify and provide benefits to our clients:

1. Easy To Use

Shopify is a fuss-free platform that is easy to use for retailers with any tech knowledge. It is a great alternative for the ones who want a complete E-Commerce solution without any technicalities related to development and hosting. The platform itself offers hosting services needed for launching the website, and team Xcentric Services can take care of the development part. Besides, its built-in admin interface is also user-friendly, and the user interface is engaging. So, in either case, for the retailer or the customer, it is a win-win.

2. Appealing Visuals

Many professional templates and themes that facilitate creating visually appealing and unique online web stores are bundles up by Shopify. Though the themes come with minimal animations, designers and developers at Xcentric Services can tweak them for you. No matter what design requirements you have, we can create a Shopify web store for you that has a rich User Interface and provides an exceptional User Experience.

3.  Application Integrations

Boasting customisation capabilities, Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that allows integrating the online web store with multiple applications. Be it social media platforms or any other applications that improve the functionality of the web store – name it and our Shopify Experts will integrate it for you. Precisely, this means that being an online retailer, you can easily add extra functionalities and features to your online web store and enhance its performance with Shopify App Development.

4.  Reliability & Security

Another benefit you will get as a retailer on paying the reasonable Shopify Website Cost is reliability and high security. For online businesses, security is essential because they deal with financial information and the confidential personal information of the customers. The information needs to be available online and be secure at the same time. Both these things can be taken care of with the hosted E-Commerce solution Shopify, which takes care of maintenance, upgrades, and everything in between that goes into securing data.

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5.  Loading Speed

Imagine visiting an online web store that took ages to load? Will you continue shopping from there after waiting for too long? Of course not. Keeping this in view, Shopify – a hosted E-Commerce solution, has a reliable infrastructure, along with well-optimized software and hardware. Hence, when launching a Shopify web store, do not worry about your product pages experiencing downtime. They will load in just a matter of seconds, and in case it takes more than a few seconds, our team will optimize the web store to improve the loading speed.

6.   Powerful Marketing Tools

As a powerful E-Commerce platform, Shopify provides retailers the marketing edge too. Its best version offers SEO features and advanced E-Commerce Analytics. In addition, it also offers access to marketing tools such as the ones that help create discount coupons, targeted email marketing campaigns, gift cards, and more. We at Xcentric Services integrate these tools seamlessly with the online web stores of our clients and let them grow digitally.

7.    Mobile Responsiveness

In these tech times, the success of an E-Commerce store is dependent on its mobile responsiveness because the count of mobile buyers is increasing every day. Because the themes in Shopify are mobile responsive, we use them to create mobile-optimized online web stores for our clients.

8.    Customer Support

By choosing Shopify as your E-Commerce platform, you can provide round-the-clock and reliable customer support – just like we do for our clients at Xcentric Services. As a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we are available to help our clients 24/7 through email and chat. Hence, they get to run their web stores seamlessly all the time.

9.     Easy Payment

One of the biggest challenges online retailers face is receiving payments from customers. To meet this challenge, our team of Shopify Experts integrates reliable and secure payment gateways with the online web stores of our clients. They make sure that different payment options are integrated so that buyers get to pay without any hassle. The cherry on top? Shopify as a platform itself supports the Stipe payment option – which provides buyers the freedom to make transactions without any added fees.

10.  SEO Friendly

Once an online web store is up and running, making sure that it is search engine friendly is important. It guarantees that the web store is accessible to those searching for the products it offers. Hence, when launching an online web store for a client at Xcentric Services, we optimize it for the search by following the best SEO practices. The practices include adding title tags, Meta tags, and creating landing pages.

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Shopify has everything retailers need to run an online web store. Even though Shopify is not perfect, but when compared to other E-Commerce platforms, it holds up as the strongest. Shopify Website Prices are also fairly affordable as compared to other E-Commerce solutions out there. Hence, whether you are a first-time online web store owner or someone wanting to re-platform, Shopify has you covered. For more details about Shopify web store development and to get a project quote, speak to us at Xcentric Services – a leading Shopify Development Company.







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