Shopify Editions: Connect To Consumer Era For Shopify Experts

kashif ali

  • Sep 13, 2022


Welcome the all-new Shopify Editions, released twice a year to show retailers and every Shopify Developer whatever is being built. It is obvious that businesses need new ways for engaging with their customers – and that calls for building new connections. So, in this blog, we have shed light on the Editions features, needed by Shopify Experts and retailers – to win the era of E-Commerce: Connect to Consumer.

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Put your products in front of the right buyers to find new customers and drive even more sales with Shop Cash. Convert the customers across international marketplaces with Shopify POS and B2B. Create expressive and powerful exclusive NFT commerce experiences or customized storefronts. Build long-term relations with deep access to customer insights and new engagement tools. Run the Shopify Development Store better with a more streamlined and faster Admin and fulfill every order easily with 2-day delivery and SFN. In case there is something else too that you need, the applications built on one of the world’s best E-Commerce platforms have you covered.

C2C Era Is Here – How Can YOU Connect?


Increase sales by connecting with high-value buyers – on YOUR terms.

Shopify Audiences

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UK

Discovering new customers through Digital Ads has become expensive and hard, which is why Shopify Audience is built. It is a new application introduced by Shopify to help retailers find their next BEST customer after having invested in Shopify Development Services. The unique view of purchase intent in Shopify the retailer network helps in identifying the buyers finding the products you sell. Leverage the feature for creating and exporting high-interest target audiences to advertising platforms like Facebook.

  • Better Performing Ads & Higher Conversions
  • Creation Of Smart Audience With Machine Learning
  • Integration With Ad Platforms & Shopify
  • Shopify Plus Exclusive

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22)

Shop Cash

Take your business to a next level of growth with Shopify Cash rewards. To make its popular checkout feature even better, Shopify will now provide buyers millions of dollars as Shop Cash rewards on their Shop Pay purchases. With the Shop Cash Boosts, Shopify Experts can create offers for retailers and help them gain new customers using the Shop application already.

  • Reach 100M+ Audience Of Shop
  • Increase Conversions With Shop Pay
  • Pay For Boosted Sales Only – Shop Cash Is FREE


Discover creators, built a community, and retail more products to get the most out of your investment in Shopify Store Development Services. Building strong relationships with influencers and creators is THE KEY to growing your business, finding new customers, and increasing sales. Dovetale is an all-in-one creator management tool of Shopify that helps in finding new creators, building dependable communities around them, better managing relationships, and tracking sales.

Twitter Shopping

Directly highlight the products you sell – on your Twitter profile. By selling on the profile directly, every retailer will be able to tap into a hundred and million user audience using Twitter daily. To get the Twitter feed integrated with your web store, count on a Shopify Web Developer.

shopify app development


Make the link in your bio shoppable with Linkpop. It is a free link in bio tool that is designed for E-Commerce powered by the secure and fast checkout of Shopify App Development. With a shoppable link, retailers are more likely to convert 2x more and curate everything they are creating like a blog, website, and more – all from the social media bio.

Marketplace Kit

Build shopping experiences in any platform with the Flexible APIs. Connect your platform with millions of brands and merchants with shopping experiences that are built using the Marketplace Kit of Shopify. It is trusted by every Shopify E-Commerce Development Company and global platforms like Spotify, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

shopify development services


Offer the option to convert to buyers everywhere by using the most-trusted checkout process.

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UKB2B On Shopify

Sell to the wholesale and direct customers – integrated into a single store. With the B2B feature in Shopify Theme Development, powerful and essential wholesale features can now be built in the admin panel. This means that the retailers can harness the full power of the Shopify E-Commerce platform for running their business – all in one customized, seamless shopping experience. It is exactly the B2B platform that you have always been waiting for.

  • Set Net Terms & Wholesale Pricing
  • Customize With Discounts & Themes
  • Use Dedicated Store Or Sell From One Storefront
  • Shopify Plus Exclusive

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22)

Shopify Point Of Sale

Sell where your customers shop – online, in person, and everywhere in between with the help of Shopify Experts. Whether you are a startup or have already built a HUGE retail empire, the best way to sell in person, at retail locations, and in multiple countries is using Shopify Point of Sale. Sell anywhere with the POS software and accept payments directly from an iPhone.

  • Tap For Payment On iPhone (USA Only)
  • Sync Google Local Inventory
  • More Product Metafields & Locations

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22)

Shopify Markets

Sell all your products worldwide through Shopify Markets. They simplify international selling by helping the retailers in reaching out to new geographic locations and optimizing the business for driving global sales – right from the Shopify admin. Increase the conversion rates by 40% in international areas by asking your Shopify Development Company to customize the storefront for every market. It will enhance the buying experience of customers.

  • Set Domains & Price Lists By Market
  • Sell In Every Market’s Language & Local Currency
  • Collect Import Taxes & Duties At Checkout

Shopify Checkout

Unlock the power of Shop Pay to leverage the global-scale checkout. Trust the highly converting, reliable, 1-click checkout in the digital world and turn the browsers into buyers with a 70% higher rate of checkout-to-order compared to the standard checkout. Moreover, with Shop Pay, you will get a checkout experience that is 4X fast and 11% more conversions than other fast-track checkouts. Hence, without any delays, Hire Shopify Web Developer to leverage this feature.

Checkout Extensibility

Customize the checkout process with branding tools and powerful applications. Retailers using Shopify Plus can now customize the checkout process using apps. Add recommended products, loyalty programs, branding, and more – there are no limits. It is upgrade-safe, fast, and secure, all while being integrated with Shop Pay providing the best-converting checkout process on the internet.

Hire Shopify Web Developer

Shop Pay Enhancements

The feature now includes more installment options and fraud protection. Increase your average order value with the flexible buy-now-pay-later options and fulfill orders without the fear of fraud – thanks to the fraud protection now available in Shop Pay.

Discount Combinations

On the same online order, combine multiple discounts. Finally – the problem of not being able to combine different discounts is sorted. You can now ask your Shopify Development Agency to launch customer-winning promotions, generate repeat business and even boost conversions easily.

Shopify Development Agency

Pre-Orders And More

Increase conversions through the purchase options that are loved by your buyers. Shopify now offers additional subscriptions, pre-orders, and “try before you buy” applications, fully integrated into the platform. Hire Shopify Web Designer and Shopify Experts to lock in more sales by providing customers with the desired flexible shopping options.


Build your retail brand and share your story online because only YOU can.

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UKHydrogen + Oxygen: Shopify’s Headless Commerce Stack

Develop headless and fast online storefronts with a React-based framework introduced by Shopify – for Shopify Experts. From starter templates to pre-built components, utilities, and hooks that are mapped to Shopify APIs directly, Hydrogen provides the tools needed for accelerating development. Then, the storefront can be deployed on Oxygen by Shopify Web Design Agency, with just a single click.

  • Go From Develop To Launch Fast With Hydrogen
  • Deploy Hydrogen Websites On Oxygen Wit One Click
  • Hosting Included In Shopify Plan

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UKTokengated Commerce

Unlock exclusive experiences and products for your community with Tokengated Commerce and NFTs. This will help your customers connect their crypto wallets with your online store and enjoy the personalized benefit with their NFTs – like IRL experiences, early access to drops, exclusive merchandise, and even cool collaborations with other retail brands.

  • Tokengate In Your Shop App Or Store
  • Use Web3 To Create Tokengated Experiences
  • Shoppers Breeze Through Checkout Process With Shop Pay


Online Store: Editor & Theme Updates

Built for increasing conversions, powerful 8 FREE themes and 10 PREMIUM themes have been released. Retailers and their partner Shopify Web Designer now have access to powerful and new tools that enable customizing storefronts and boosting conversions.


Manage all the custom fields across your business’s core aspects, as Shopify introduces metafield types that are more powerful and work across more aspects of a business like orders and customers. Once they are created, retailers will be able to dynamically showcase their custom information across the online storefront.

Shopify Web Designer 

Search & Discovery App

Increase your conversions with customizable product recommendations, filtering, and search, so that the customers can find products that they love and are most likely to purchase. Sign up for the features with the help of Shopify Experts – and Shopify will consider you early for access.


Know who are your best customers and then convert them into lifetime fans.

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UKShopifyQL Notebooks

Less data science and more commerce insights. Fast and easy access to business data means that retailers do not have to rely on data scientists for knowing their business inside-out. ShopifyQL Notebooks now provide access to a query language built for E-Commerce. Therefore, allowing the retailers to write their data story on their own and build a path to uncover business opportunities plus insights.

  • Access All The Data From One Interface
  • Get Quick Answers With SQL-Like Language
  • Combine Business & Data Context To Uncover Insights
  • Shopify Plus Exclusive

Customer Engagement Tools

Chat, email, segmentation, and marketing automation – are all within Shopify so that retailers do not miss any connection with the customer. Build attractive, on-brand campaigns with email customization tools in Shopify. Automate emails to save time and boost conversions by targeting a specific group of customers. Nurture stronger customer relationships through 24/7 chat and Shopify Developer Support. In a little while, you will be able to build your customer list and gather important customer data with the capability to put forms on each website page.

Re-Engage Customers

Meet the best customers on Shop. In fact, convert those first-time customers into the BEST customers with the free re-engagement tools in Shop, like prioritized search, personalized product recommendations, and post-purchase offers.

Shopping Made Better On Shop

Create strong relationships with the customers, using the app built for shopping. Shop is an out-of-the-box app strategy that helps with increasing brand loyalty through rich shopping experiences. Customize the Shop Store as a brand and get featured in the home feed’s curated collections.

Shopify Developer Support


Gain logistics power – learn the thousands of ways Shopify makes managing the back office easier.

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UK

Admin Enhancements

Dozens of enhancements in the everyday Shopify experience of retailers. As the platform is built for retailers, subtle and small improvements in it affect the overall performance and experience. Many features and redesigns have been introduced, to enhance the way retailers set up, organize, edit, and upload on Shopify – with countless more to come.

  • Bulk Editing Tool
  • New Application Navigation
  • New Partner & Staff Permissions

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UK

Shopify Fulfillment Network

Spend less time on shipping and more time on building the business with Shopify’s Fulfillment Network. It helps in growing a business with two-day verified delivery for converting more buyers. Take advantage of free storage for 6 months per item so that the upfront costs are reduced and returns are streamlined to maximize the inventory. Moreover, invest more time in launching new products, marketing, and building customer relationships – while the fulfillment and the entire supply chain are taken care of by Shopify Fulfillment Network and Shopify Experts.

  • Seamless Returns & 2-Day Delivery
  • All-In-One & Simple Pricing
  • Free 6-Month Storage/Item

Shop Promise

One of the best features to leverage for retailers and Shopify Experts who want to win the trust of billions of shoppers. Increase your sales as a retailer and become discoverable by billions of shoppers across different platforms by displaying your commitment to reliable and fast two-day deliveries plus hassle-free returns with the Shop Promise badge for your online Shopify store.

Order & Inventory Management

Fulfil orders quicker with precise inventory tracking and shipping automation. The fulfillment and inventory solutions of Shopify help work well, accelerate fulfillment with label printing in bulk, automate repeating tasks, and accurately track inventory.

Shopify Web Development Company

Shopify Shipping Goes Global

Shipping is now available in France and the UK. In simpler words, retailers in UK and France can now use Shopify Shipping for saving money and time on shipping labels. It is easy to set up, and use and is directly managed in Shopify.

Supplier To Buyer Logistics

With the planned acquisition of Deliverr, Shopify plans on expanding its supply chain offering. The platform is also building smart inventory, fast delivery, and pre-fulfillment support with Flexport. All in all, Shopify is making it easy to manage supply chin while giving retailers new tools and channels used by BIG brands.

Shopify Flow

Build automated workflows that you need for succeeding with Shopify Flow. It enables building custom workflows that automate commerce-specific tasks, such as email campaigns, inventory tracking, and fraud detection so that the retailer can focus on what is actually growing their businesses. Now, Flow is available to all retailers on the Shopify plan and beyond.


Build your online storefront on a platform that defines the future of E-Commerce.

Shopify Editions: Connect to Consumer (Summer '22) - Shopify UKBuilt for Shopify

Get access to applications that perform and look like they are a part of Shopify. Offering the best E-Commerce applications in the world is Shopify’s goal. Built for Shopify is an innovative program that provides the functionality, documentation, and tooling to build an application that performs and looks like it is a part of Shopify. With the platform’s new app design strategies and encouragement, it has never been easy or more fulfilling to build a top-notch Shopify app.

  • Best E-Commerce App Ecosystem Worldwide
  • Seamless Integration Within Shopify Admin
  • Increased Performance And Usability

Shopify Functions

Customize your storefront on Shopify to meet your E-Commerce needs. Shopify Functions enable developers to build applications that customize payment settings, discounts, and shipping. Then, they can also configure the apps in the Shopify admin. Functions are also built for scaling up major sales events and still performing in under 5 milliseconds. Also, keep an eye out – more APIs are coming soon.

Data Protection

Securely share personal data when it is necessary for running your business. Take control of apps that access the personal data of customers. Shopify is improving controls for supporting the path of retailers toward compliance with data protection and privacy rules by adding new data transparency, security, and minimization requirements for apps.

Shopify Experts Near Me

Shopify Balance

Manage your business and money in one place with Shopify Balance. It is a free money management account for retail businesses so that they can skip the bank and manage their money in the web store’s admin. Get paid quicker, use your card wherever Visa is accepted, pay no monthly fees, earn rewards, and stay on top of the finances with Shopify Balance.

Shopify Capital

Quick, hassle-free, and quick funding for Shopify retailers. The funding for the first-time borrower has been increased by Shopify Capital so that their growth is accelerated and they grow faster and go farther.

Shopify Store Development Services

Planet—An App From Shopify

An app that connects retailers with customers and powers carbon-neutral shipping. Get ready to use the app for supporting cutting-edge carbon removal projects, and carbon-neutral deliveries and communicate with your customers all about it with online storefront icons.

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    Knowing the pros and cons of building your Shopify store on mobile-responsive themes or with a custom design is necessary before building a course of action.

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    This article is aimed at people who are looking for a way on how to create their own Shopify website through a shopify agency and avoid any problems with shopify customization. The article provides final thoughts as an overview of what they have already mentioned, as well as provides help if someone needs it after reading this shopify guide such as where to find more information.







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