Why Is Instagram Influencer Marketing Successful in 2019?

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 31, 2019

Influencer Marketing is the new talk of the town in 2019. It is ultimately a fusion of traditional and digital marketing. Instagram Influencer Marketing campaigns are shaped in the form of collaborations between brands and influencers. If we take look back at the early ’20s, celebrity endorsement was the perfect example of influencer marketing back then.

Here’s a simple comparison; it’s very easy to pitch the audience with a product by teaming up with an influencer or a celebrity. But have you ever noticed that the product and the pitch remain the same, even if it’s a Vlog by an influencer or a TV commercial featuring any celebrity? That makes sense, right? Instagram Influencer Marketing is a superpower, influencers can be anywhere and anyone, unlike celebrities. Bet it’s going to take over the world of Digital Marketing in Pakistan in the coming years. Let’s take a step forward and look into why this marketing strategy was very successful in 2019.

It is an Organic Approach

Instagram influencers post real-time stories and high-quality creative content, which is all you need to drive the audience toward your brand. Strong forces are taking over Instagram Ads. Can you guess who are the superheroes driving this force?

Very famous Instagram Influencers are the strong drivers of this force, which gets them Organic Traffic. What more do you wish for as a brand? Use them to your advantage. The audience engages with content they resonate with, which is ultimately positive for you. Would you consider making a not-so-creative TV advertisement, which will eventually end up being ignored? No, right? These influencers use their creative freedom and integrate your products into their audiences’ daily lives, showcasing it in a way that they deem it the best fit. Instagram Influencer Marketing is the go-to option of every brand in 2019, which makes it a very dominant strategy for getting engagement.

Niche Marketing

Instagram Influencer Marketing is a great way to find the niche you want to tap into. Also, there are various influencers targeting niches with different interests, and they’ve already done a fair share of hard work to gather followers. Above all, do you know who makes this engagement with the right niche a success? Instagram is the Idol. Let’s go through the recipe for success by Idol.

  • Say Hello to Hashtags – The best way to engage your content to a specific niche is by using Hashtags.
  • Get to the Instagram Explore Page – Getting to this page is a big win, it shows your posts to users that belong to your niche.
  •  Instagram Algorithm – The algorithm is a perfect design, but it’s still a mystery. The posts boost and show up according to the user’s interests, which makes it a successful tool for getting more engagement.

Instagram Marketing

Genuine Relationships

An Instagram influencer plays a crucial role in connecting brands to their consumers. Truth be told, there are two sides to this story. The best side of the story is; Influencers and the audience share a strong personal relationship. Moreover, Instagram influencer has a genuine, authentic, and engaging relationship with their audience, making them trusted and successful. But hey, being an influencer is not all rainbows and unicorns!

Influencers face all the criticism that comes their way.  In some cases, brands don’t realize what conversations take place between the influencer and the audience. In 2019, every other person’s go-to option to get reviews of a brand is hearing about it from an influencer. Sponsoring an influencer is the best option that endorses you as the trusted one.

Are you struggling to make your brand’s marketing a success?  Instagram Influencer Marketing should be your next hit because it’s a big success in 2019. Confused about how to sponsor the best influencer for your business? Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan to do this task for you is the safest option.







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