How To Build An Influential Digital Community In 2023

Eman Bajwa

  • Nov 01, 2023


As technology rapidly advances, traditional brand management methods are becoming outdated. This transformation is also ushering in new avenues for engaging with customers. One strategy to enhance consumer participation is to foster a thriving digital community.


Back in 2012, research indicated that customers who joined a company’s online community spent 19% more. The study’s key discovery was that companies benefitted more from using third-party social networks like Facebook than from creating their own social communities.


The advantages of proprietary networks didn’t convince enterprises to use third-party platforms. Third-party platforms can still boost a company’s profitability without an initial investment. Different types of clients and interactions can be accommodated through various third-party platforms, and the vast reach of these platforms is also advantageous.


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In this article, we will delve into the details of digital community networks, exploring how you can leverage them and how to establish one.


What is a Digital Community?


A digital community comprises individuals who communicate via an online platform. These communities can vary in size, from Instagram’s billion-strong community to a small group of coffee enthusiasts evaluating local cafes through a closed Facebook group.


Creating a Digital Community

The process of establishing a digital community can be simplified by following these tips:

  1. Initiate the development of your online network as early as possible, even before launching a product.
  2. Maintain high-quality and well-moderated content within the community.
  3. Choose the right social media platforms that align with your target demographic and community goals.


Growing Your Digital Community:


After selecting the appropriate channels and setting up accounts, focus on building a community around your brand. Make sure social media icons are prominently displayed on your main page, keep your channels and website synchronized for consistent updates, and regularly publish engaging content. Swiftly respond to community comments and queries, seek their input through surveys, and consider professional help for promotional materials.


Engaging with the community beyond your page can be beneficial, whether by offering thoughtful comments on others’ content or participating in relevant platforms. Use social media to connect with customers, but don’t rely on it as a substitute for effective customer service.


For those seeking alternatives to mainstream social media platforms due to censorship and political bias, platforms like Gab and Minds.com may be worth considering.


What Not to Do When Building a Digital Community:

Stay true to your brand’s ethics and avoid excessive promotion. Instead of bombarding your community with advertising, share valuable content that resonates with your audience. Don’t flood the community with content without understanding what encourages interaction; incentivize participation.


Features of a Well-Organized Digital Community:


A successful online community includes enthusiastic advocates, relevant content with crowdsourced ideas, a robust reputation system, and effective performance tracking. These attributes contribute to a well-run and efficient online community.


Benefits of Digital Communities:


A company’s ability to stay current and improve its products and services relies on active customer participation in a digital community. These communities provide valuable insights through polls and surveys, foster collaboration, and enhance customer loyalty and retention.


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While many organizations have embraced digital communities, it’s essential to do it right. At Xcentric, we implement a solid content strategy, understand your audience’s preferences, maintain consistency, and encourage engagement through calls to action in your posts.








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