Get your brand message in front of the audience on  Facebook  with result-driven marketing strategies.

Our first step towards strategy development is DISCOVERY, after which we design visuals and plan strategies to attract the audience and boost engagement rates.

Our marketing team takes the sweet time to know the brand and then plans a customized digital marketing strategy to meet the Facebook Marketing Services Goals

Following a pre-planned B2C and B2B Marketing on Facebook strategy, we create a content calendar that is all about posting engaging posts reflective of the brand.

Monitoring the feed is also a part of our Facebook Marketing Packages. From responding to the comments to acknowledging the feedback, we handle it all.

Along with consistent content posting, we also grow the follower base on the pay-to-play platform by involving digital advertising in the Facebook Marketing plan.

While marketing on Facebook, we also keep an eye on the analytics and the key growth metrics to prepare a monthly progress report of the strategies.

In Last 5 Years

Being leading Facebook Marketing Partners, we create unique and engaging content without using any RSS readers to rephrase the content and publish it on the Facebook Feed.

From the first day a brand gets on board, we align the result-oriented digital marketing campaigns with the end goal of increasing engagement rates and growing the follower base.

Being a Facebook Marketing Company, we maximize the potential of Facebook by managing the feed for brands and creating a win-win situation that does not require them to do the marketing work.

As a full-service Facebook Ads Agency, we also provide added services that increase the chances of converting more leads from the social giant - such as SEO and branding services.
 There are more than  8 million  active advertisers on Facebook that include small and mid-sized businesses too. Want to be one of them?

Grow Facebook Fans & Engagement Rate

By planning Facebook Marketing strategies and putting them into action, we have helped many brands grow their follower base and engagement rate. Being a Facebook Marketing Expert, we take different approaches to B2C and B2B Facebook marketing strategies for targeting potential customers – based on demographics. Moreover, we have also launched countless Facebook Marketing Services Packages and campaigns that help promote businesses on the social media platform and reach the target audience. Our end goal for all our Facebook Ad Management Packages is to increase the brand’s engagement rate, nurture the relationship with current customers, and build brand awareness.
Through Meta, we create, carry out, and manage successful organic social projects that support business growth with the help of paid social media agencies. We use data and audience targeting expertise to create a very clever and targeted marketing strategy. Additionally, we were among the first Facebook marketing consultants to work with Facebook on social media marketing, and we still lead the way in creating cutting-edge, novel ad formats.

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Facebook Marketing – THE XCENTRIC APPROACH

Maximizing the potential of Facebook as a social media platform is not everyone’s piece of cake. For such businesses, the ideal solution is to invest in our Facebook Promotion Packages. Once clients hire us as their Facebook Marketing Company and get our Facebook Agency Support, we open doors for them to focus on other parts of their business. Our experienced Facebook Marketing Experts works on improving their Facebook Feed, increasing organic traffic, and bringing in high sales. Simply put, we at Xcentric focus on creating a win-win situation for every business that invests in our Facebook Advertising Packages. While we handle Facebook Feed as a Facebook Advertising Agency, they can focus on other business tasks.
Facebook has the reach to enable social media management for small company clients as well as major businesses, with over 1 billion daily active users. Its precise targeting, organic follower engagement, and low-cost marketing are its key selling points. Make the most of these advantages by subscribing to our Facebook management services.

Being a paid social media agency we provide monthly and mid-month reports with the most accurate view of the status of your campaign. If you have any issues concerning our facebook marketing consultants or business social media management services, your AM is also here to help. Additionally, we provide you with real-time data access via the online client portal, which is Xcentric’s exclusive social media management platform.

Are you sick of the same mediocre outcomes that previous Facebook Marketing Experts have delivered? Within our agency, resistance to changes in social media management service packages is strictly prohibited. The most profitable trends and the top social media management tools that accompany them are things we are quick to identify, forecast, and keep up with.

Your internet reputation and reviews have the power to make or break your success. Reputation management was made easy with our internet marketing agency's assistance. To enhance your review creation, monitoring, and response posting strategies, we collaborate with Rize Reviews. Being a meta ads agency our team can help you achieve more favorable reviews and streamline your online reputation management (ORM) operations by using QR codes, two-way SMS marketing, and state-of-the-art software.

Think of Xcentric social media management company as a marketing team extension. From the beginning to the end, an account manager will work directly with you as a client for direct or white label social media management. Consider your AM to be your internal resource for information about your progress, either in the form of an overview or specifics.
 Meta Has More Than 3 Billion Users Worldwide  

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Brands that neglect Facebook do so at their own risk. Facebook advertising is essential for various brands due to its deep targeting capabilities, wide selection of ad styles, and relative cost-effectiveness.
It has been demonstrated that Facebook, which smoothly integrates advertising into the user experience, increases click-through rates and conversions. You have a better chance of becoming your target consumers' first choice when you use a coordinated strategy to target users on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook advertising works well for interacting with your audience, bringing in new business, and keeping a competitive edge. Still, it depends on Facebook Marketing Experts who design strategies for your business.

The channels that your audience uses are the most effective for social media marketing. While it's beneficial to be active on all social media platforms, your company should concentrate its marketing and advertising efforts on the one that your target audience uses most frequently. A hiring firm's social media strategy prioritizes LinkedIn, whereas a dentist's is more focused on Facebook. Why? Different social media networks are used by their viewers, and they do so in different ways. Our social media services at Xcentric Services can assist with campaigns on a number of networks, such as:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
It's simple for your company to grow its program because our team can support plans across many social media platforms. To market your brand on a new network, you don't need to bother about hiring a consultant or liaising with another firm.

Do you want to see more interaction on your social media accounts? Take a look at these suggestions to increase shares, likes, comments, and followers!
Create a Genuine Brand Voice
Developing a tone of voice for your business not only makes it more relatable, but it's also a great approach to building trusting connections with customers. According to studies, 90% of consumers consider authenticity when choosing which brands to support. Here are a few quick pointers for creating a brand voice:
Speak in a conversational manner.
Be sincere.
Don't overuse words.
Communicate as if you were speaking to an audience.
Use the same tone of voice on all social media channels after you've established one that works for your brand.

Share Interesting Content

Do you want to increase participation? Share more interesting stuff on your blog! Provide material that resonates with readers on a personal level. Select something that will elicit strong feelings. It may be a funny picture, a video, or an image that prompts users to tag or share with their peers. Post things that will make people happy as well—things that are lovely, motivating, or uplifting. Adhere to the 80/20 rule, which states that 80% of your social media posts should entertain or educate readers, with the remaining 20% going towards business promotion.

Post Frequently:

Maintaining a regular posting schedule on all of your platforms will boost interaction. Communicating frequently keeps you in the forefront of your followers' thoughts. Social algorithms will also favour your content and display your posts to a larger audience as a result.

Be Observant:

You have a mere one, two, or three seconds to capture the interest of your audience. In the feed, visual assets are more likely to be noticeable. Videos are significantly more efficient at capturing users' attention than images on social media. In actuality, Instagram videos garner 49% more interaction than posts with only still photos.

Engage in Your Community:

Customers give brands an opportunity to communicate with them when they respond or remark on a social media post. Answer your customer's message as soon as possible, regardless of how well it was left. It's a chance to express gratitude for encouraging words and offer solutions for any unfavorable posts. Responding to people who share your material or mention your brand in articles is also a wonderful idea as it will help you expand your audience and raise exposure.

Grow Your Following:

You'll probably have more engagement with your audience as it grows, which will improve conversion and boost revenue. But quantity is not more significant than quality. Having engaged followers who are passionate about your business and who meaningfully engage with your material is crucial.

Run giveaways and contests

Contests and giveaways are excellent methods to increase participation. Without question, holding a social media giveaway or contest will spark conversation. Giveaways enhance social media reach, produce new leads, and boost revenue. With a great prize (which doesn't have to be expensive), contests should draw in viewers and encourage them to follow, like, comment on, or share your material.

Cross-Market Your Content

You can boost your engagement on all social media sites by promoting your content there. Getting as many eyes on your material as possible can be achieved by cross-promoting it in other areas. In contrast to "cross posting," cross promotion involves actively encouraging followers to visit your other social media accounts. Giving viewers links to your other media profiles so they can follow you everywhere you post is an easy method to accomplish this.

Purchasing meta marketing services has a number of advantages, such as: Upgrade your approach with professional guidance.
With a committed social media team, you can free up more time for other marketing campaigns.
Utilise cutting-edge technology to monitor, manage, and assess social media
Boost key performance indicators such as sales, repeat business, and customer retention.
Sync your social media campaigns with other online marketing techniques. If you wish to spend money on social networking services, you're not alone. Many businesses hire outside assistance for social media management, marketing, and advertising, including on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The following are some more advantages of social media services:

1. Get to know users where they hang out.

Every day, 3.48 billion people utilize social media. With over one billion daily users on Facebook alone, social media plays a crucial (and powerful) role in people's everyday lives. If you're not using social media, you're losing out on a great opportunity to communicate with your prospects.

2. Increase important brand recognition

A crucial step in the purchasing process is increasing brand awareness, which social media is a great way to do. You can build relationships with both new and existing followers through adverts and organic postings, which may eventually persuade them to buy your good or service.

3. Promote recurring business:

Using social media, your company can encourage fans to make additional purchases from you. Posts on new items, time-limited sales, and other promotions can encourage customers to make purchases from your company and even recommend it to friends and family.

4. Produce worthwhile leads:

B2B businesses can also benefit from social media. Indeed, almost 40% of business-to-business marketers have acquired clients using Facebook, highlighting the adaptability of social media platforms. But a lot of B2B companies undervalue social media, so here's your chance to take advantage of it.
 3.02 Billion People Use at Least One of Meta’s Products Daily.  

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