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Through our extensive retail knowledge of cutting-edge Digital platforms and expertise in providing Digital Installation Services in Pakistan, we create live and interactive experiences. These experiences not only help brands in captivating the audience but also makes them the center of the conversation.

To compete effectively in this dynamic environment, retailers should reimagine how they can create and capture value. By thinking past omnichannel positioning, they need to adapt to tech changes. Moreover, constantly measuring the outcome of each decision is also essential for every retailer – to sculpt business based on customer wants and needs.

Digital Installation Services that we provide to retailers at Xcentric help them measure everything related to their store. From the conversion rates to in-store traffic, average basket size, retention rate, and other KPIs too. By knowing these metrics, retailers can make better business decisions and increase in-store sales substantially.

Moreover, we also help retailers establish a fully data-driven Performance Management Solutions strategy, which helps understand changing preferences of customers and ultimately deliver the optimum shopping experience they seek.

Do You Know Your Street-To-Store Conversion Rate?

As a retailer, you spend vast amounts of money to draw people into your stores and convey your campaign messages to customers. However, the only tool that can help measure the effectiveness of these marketing efforts is revenue. BUT, revenue itself does not make up the whole picture. Significantly, your goal must be to see the real potential of your investments, and what can be done to reach it.

What Are Your Visitor Traffic Trends?

Using our performance management solutions, being a retailer, you can optimize your in-store traffic, staff, and marketing strategies – to increase conversion rates and profits. To point out specifically, our solutions covers:

  • Real-time Actionable Data
  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Staff Optimization
  • Knowing Peak Hours
  • Staff Elimination

What Can Grab Visitors’ Attention To Your Store?

Optimizing the customer experience within your physical store is crucial to engaging customers with products and encouraging them to buy. Our team at Xcentric understands In-Store Analytics. With performance management solutions, we help retailers in understanding how different products, merchandising, store design, pricing strategy, and promotions influence their visitors’ shopping behavior, and whether these components translate into their buying decisions.

  • Track visitors inside your physical tore
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Use marketing budgets wisely
  • Measure product success

How Can You Count Customers Returning To Your Store?

Let us at Xcentric inform you about the number of your repeating customers, and the frequency of their visits to your physical store. This data will allow you to keep track of their buying behavior. By doing so, you can determine which product lines create the most demand, which campaigns bring you the highest retention rates, and point out if the returning customer base is impacting your store conversion.

Does Your Store Steal Potential Business From One Another?

With the Cross Shopper Solutions that we provide at Xcentric, you can analyze how many customers visited your store, their reactions, and their movements across stores. Discovering the repeat customer base across stores and analyzing their migrating pattern from your store to others – all with our solution. Using this valuable information, you can find out which potential customers you are losing to other stores around and why. Moreover, Xcentric’s Digital Installation solutions also enable retailers to access analytics data from one platform; anytime and anywhere.

Experiential RFID

Experiential RFID technology allows the personalization of guest experiences. The environment it creates does not only give users a unique experience but also provide customers unprecedented guest analytics. For example, clubs using an RFID application in wristbands to mark attendance or enhance the user experience.

Xcentric Enables Retailers To Execute Their Pricing Strategy

  • Automate in-store functions that are challenging
  • Centralize the core pricing function
  • Meet today’s complicated omnichannel requirements
  • Maximise margins with immediate price reactivity
  • Execute dynamic pricing
  • Build customer trust
  • Modernize stores and enhance the image


Say goodbye to the past 20 years’ conventional ways of printing and applying single-line bar code labellers. Even though there are repeated claims of improved up-time and consistency, these designs usually do not meet the performance needs. Thus, decreasing line speeds and operating efficiencies of today’s packaging operations.

Designed for production customers who print multiple shifts per day, Xcentric provides Automated Barcode Labelling Services in Pakistan. This digital installation is a revolution in bar code prints and delivers on-point where conventional labelers fail. The Intelligent Motion technology that we have introduced reduces the top 5 causes of downtime and improves end-of-line efficiencies by eliminating more than 80% of wear parts. Provided that, there will remain no need for constant ongoing maintenance.


We at Xcentric have brought together an intellectual and effective face detection, search, and recognition digital solution. Currently, face detection and recognition are the key tools for ensuring security at Malls and airports. Though video archiving solutions, especially those placed at high-security areas such as Mall entrances provide complete records of who is entering and when. However, they do not allow someone to quickly scan visitors, target, and identify potential miscreants.

Our intelligent Face Recognition Services provides physical store owners the following capabilities:

  • Detects and logs faces with microseconds
  • Face Recognition (with pre-registration against NADRA records)
  • Face search across multiple cameras or a single camera
  • Search alike faces from multiple cameras or a single camera
  • Detects any matches with faces on the “watch list” database and provides real-time alerts.
Digital Installation Services
Performance Management Solutions


Every online retailer thinks of how to calculate footfall retail to create that ULTIMATE customer journey. With our footfall solutions, you can now get reports on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Hence, allowing you to compare results from different dates and locations, and deliver reports of your data in any format you wish (PDF, Excel, JPEG, etc.). Moreover, with the email notification system of footfall counters, you can receive automated emails at the end of every day that summarizes your people counting results. At the same time, the account can be accessed from any kind of device – be it a phone, tablet, or desktop.


Merging attractive kiosks with multi-touch interactive applications is a basis of shopping centers, airports, and trade shows. Hence, with our effective Performance Management System like multi-touch kiosks, retailers can strengthen brand interaction in a notably creative way.

Digital Installation Services
Digital Installation


With electronic shelf labels, you can change prices, launch markdowns and sales, or revise promotions across every shelf-edge, in every store, in just seconds. You can align your omnichannel pricing and promotions strategy with speed, agility, and uniformity. You can quickly see which promotions work, classify sales items with discriminating colors, and present attractive offers based on customers’ locations with our Bluetooth-enabled electronic shelf labels. Moreover, you can also display stock levels to keep your staff and customers updated. And above all, the Electronic Shelf Labels Cost is also very reasonable – because it is all run by ERP. Altogether, from a single server at your headquarters, you can cost-effectively and conveniently monitor, maintain and update every electronic shelf label.

Let us help your grow your retail business using these digital installations.