Your Complete Guide To Video Marketing Trends 2021

kashif ali

  • Feb 03, 2021

Because of the pandemic, every brand struggled to adapt to the changing consumer needs in 2020. The touch year has moved many businesses towards prioritizing making lasting and genuine connections with online customers. Whether by ensuring a strong social media presence or adding more services or products to their offerings – brands are finding countless ways to be more visible. BUT, ever thought about how these efforts are translating into Video Marketing Trends 2021? We asked some of the video marketing experts at Xcentric Services to walk us through all the trends they will be keeping in mind when providing Social Media Marketing Services. They are all covered right here – let’s check them out!

1. Community Building Is The Key – Is Yours On Instagram Reels?

In 2021’s Video Advertising Trends, the best way for brands to grow organically on the social giant Instagram is through leveraging Reels. The feature is all about waking up your creative mind and experimenting on the platform to see what kind of Reels boost engagement rates. We at Xcentric Services are also planning to include Reels in content strategies. As we believe that it will help us build a more engaged community for our clients in 2021 – all with the help of entertaining and engaging content.

Video Advertising Trends

2. Video Marketing Strategies Are Not One-And-Done

In the previous year, brands that hit the best ROIs out of Video Marketing were the ones that used to post video consistently across every social media platform. Considering this, there will surely be an influx of videos on social media in 2021 too – and maybe beyond too?

Hence, to make our clients stand out in competition this year, being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we will focus on planning video-centric marketing strategies for consistent video creation. Above and beyond it, specific video marketing goals will be set to stay on track.

3. Live Video And Real-Time Shopping

We all love shopping online without having to get out of our bed, right? 2020 was all about shopping from online web stores. The year 2021 will be stepping ahead of this trend too, with an increase in live video and real-time shopping. Currently, this feature is only available to some but will be rolled out to all the users this year. We are all set to get our clients the best of sales using this feature, are you? If yes, then hire us as your Video Marketing Agency. We will not only help you nail Video Marketing Trends 2021 but also help you with Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, SEO, and more.

4. Telling Brand Stories With Videos

Being in a lockdown every now and then for a year, people around the world are always wishing to connect with someone who is not just a talking head. Considering this, we predict that in 2021, brands need to interact with customers through videos – in the most humane way possible. The simplest way to do so in our opinion is telling brand stories and listening to the customers too through stories and videos. Twice or thrice, in 2020, we did try our hands on this trend for one of our clients who invested in Facebook Marketing Packages. Imagine how the results came out? The sales cycle shortened, and the client’s customers valued the brand more.

Telling Brand Stories With Videos

5. Simple Is Influencing

You must have noticed that often, a video of just a few seconds duration also goes viral. Ever thought why is that so? We have a precise answer to this Video Marketing Trends 2021 – Sometimes, less is more. There is no point in creating a 30-second long video that is not engaging and influencing. Hence, to create content that draws the attention of our client’s target audience, this year, we will focus on creating videos that are simple yet influencing. And for that, we plan on putting text-based content to action and create videos using it.

BUT, you already have long videos up on your YouTube Channel or website and are looking forward to tapping into the latest trends? No problem. Our graphics team will create short social-friendly videos out of them. Rest guaranteed you will be amazed at the results of our Video Marketing Services.

Video Marketing Strategy

6. Organic Video Content Creation

This year, video marketing is certainly going to be on the top of every savvy marketers’ mind. We assume that the notable video trend this year will be – simple productions. As most countries of the world are still in partial lockdown, brands are filming BTS and Live stream content remotely. For definite reasons, we will be doing this too on behalf of our clients at Xcentric Services, who trust us with their Social Media Management.

Apply 2021 Trends To Your Video Marketing Strategy!

Now that you know what 2021 has in stores for video marketing, it is time to apply them all to your Video Marketing Strategy. Not sure how to get started on it and make worthy social-friendly videos? Let our digital marketing team at Xcentric Services take charge of it. To know more about how we can help you be a part of the trends being a full-service Social Media Marketing Company, CONTACT US.







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