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Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 28, 2020

How to move your brand online or Why do you need to build a brand online? What are you thinking about it? At Xcentric services, you can get the best services for building a meaningful and recognisable brand for your online business. The high street is experiencing an accelerated transformation as more and more savvy buyers are shifting towards online shopping rather than in-store shopping. So, what’s your excuse for not opting for Magento 2 E-Commerce Development?

According to stats, the number of dollars spent shopping online has increased by 60% in August 2020; as compared to February 2020. So, whether you are a brick-and-mortar store going online over the face of the internet for the first time, a digital brand facing competition, or a brand selling through a third-party, this behavioural shift of consumers calls for a quick adaption. Plus, not to forget, this also involves connecting with your customers anywhere they are; with the appropriate message, at the accurate time.

If you have taken the plunge of going online, we assume that you are skeptical about how to meet the challenges that are about to come your way. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with that – Read through this article covering 13 ways to build a powerful online presence, approved by our expert Magento Commerce Developers.

1. Design Infrastructure for Order Delivery

Shifting to online retail is one of the BIG decisions. However, there is something still more important than that – Building your E-Store’s logistical infrastructure. According to our E-Commerce consultants at Xcentric – a Digital marketing Company in Pakistan, this is a complicated issue that many brand ignore.

“You can spin up a website in moments, but Inventory and Supply Chain Management, warehouse management, dispatching, distribution, and the Odoo Oriented ERP Solutions to bond it all together is much more challenging to achieve.” – Says our E-Commerce Consultant at Xcentric Services.

So, how do you think a brand without online retailing capabilities can turn towards E-Commerce Website development quickly? We suggest, look around and analyze the restaurant and grocery stores that turned towards local distribution when the lockdown began.

As a Magento 2 E-Commerce Development Company, we suggest; use your hugest store as a delivery hub to make inventory management easy, and deliver within a flexible radius. However, before you invest in building an E-Commerce infrastructure of your Magento 2 E-Commerce Development Services infrastructure, test the appetite of your target audience. Rest assured, from what we have seen in recent months, it is all worth the effort.

2. Reflect a Consistent Style

Physical stores are a reflection of your brand’s ethos and prominence. Hence, your E-Store needs to reflect that style consistently. Begin with combining your in-store and online shopper experiences with compatible information, promotions, and product categories, but don’t end there.

The expression and character should be uniform across each channel, whether it’s in-store or digital. And for that, keep a well-defined visual appearance in your selection of themes and tones, use photos from around your physical store and interact with buyers in a warm and recognizable voice.

3. Provide Information to Buyers

When going online, make sure to keep the customer’s needs in mind. So, are you a retailer looking forward to shifting to a higher sales share from Magento 2 E-Commerce Development? We recommend ensuring that every product you offer in-store is available online, in a high-quality, and with detailed information, including the visuals and product descriptions.

4. Highlight Positive Reviews

Happiest customers are a brand’s loudest advocates, and online shoppers’ value reviews notably. Hence, make the review process straightforward, and drive your customers to leave your products a review after receiving them. To structure their responses, you can use multiple choice questions and star ratings that are helpful for shoppers.

All in all, businesses that seek an online transition should also seek reviews on Google, Pakistan Selling Sites, and other social platforms that enable them to launch quickly and scale the needs of their customers as their online presence matures.

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5. Optimise your Google Marketing Campaigns

Customers who purchase after searching through Google have an exceptionally obvious intention of buying. They have browsed through the internet and are now comparing products after knowing what they want to buy.

The catch here is to position yourself at a prominent position in the SERPs of Google, by collecting and flaunting reviews, and content on your website. Google, being a show-stopper, fetches this information and utilizes it to relate your listings with ratings and images taken by other customers. Plus, you can also use these user-generated images to display on your website and jump up the rankings.

6. Support your Buyers’ Creativity

Whether you sell furniture or are an apparel retailer, your target audience only gets inspired by how your products appear natural. So, ensure that your product images inspire them, and are as real as they please. Encourage your customers to share pictures of the products they have bought and displayed them across your product pages and other Digital Media Marketing Pakistan channels.

Don’t undervalue the picture-taking skills of your customers, either. Provide them with some essential illumination and framing guidelines, and they’ll take images that connect the on-brand professional photo shoot with the authentic user-generated content.

7. Promote the Neglected Products

When we talk about in-store retail, every product kept on a shelf competes with the other one over catching the buyer’s attention. However, if you have a website, none of your products feels like a middle child. Each of them gets a position, be it at the front, or the middle of the product page. By recognizing the unique choices of online customers, you can tailor suggestions to their specific tastes by highlighting products that another customer would have overlooked.

The key here is to hold on to a compelling customer management strategy that allows you to build personalized profiles; based on every individual’s shopping behavior;  to reach potential customers with valuable product recommendations at the appropriate point in their journey.

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8. Opt for Sending Personalised SMS

Even though you can find customers anywhere, you need to focus on where their attention is – On the gadget in their hand. Precisely, consider reaching your target audience on their mobile devices with an effective SMS Marketing in Lahore strategy that is personalized, and wins them at the most significant moments in their online shopping journey.

You can do this by building an SMS Marketing in Pakistan opt-in through the checkout process. Later, use this channel to send personalized product recommendations, initiate communications, and re-engage your customers; at the best time.

9. Decrease Cart Abandonment

When customers are shopping in-store and are dropping the plan to buy a specific product, you probably won’t get a chance to convince them. However, on the other hand, when customers are shopping online, you can always turn the game around. And for that, considering the customer journey, you need to include a cart abandonment strategy as a possible touchpoint.

In a few cases, a shopper might abandon their cart for reasons that you can help; like clearing the shipping fee or offering more manageable payment options. Though sometimes, when the buyer is not able to make up a mind about a product, you can send in a well-timed SMS than might win them back. Thus, doing wonders for you!

For instance, when a customer opts to receive an SMS from you, trigger personalized messages that the customer gets after 10-15 minutes of abandoning the cart. Thus, offering a 10% discount coupon if they go ahead with their purchase. At this point, the game is in your hands; you can either convert the lost customer into a loyal one or cry over spilled milk. It is up to you.

10. Benefit from Click and Collect

Defining exceptional customer service; it is proactive rather than reactive. Proactive support involves recognizing and solving customer concerns before they become big problems. You can implement it in several stages of the customer journey; such as a messenger chat popup on the website, live chat support, or a post-purchase survey from a customer.

11.  Provide Next-level Customer Service

Plan a next-level customer service strategy that automatically responds to the FAQs of customers that run into problems; to help them get a direction and an answer to their query. Rest assured, when you deliver exceptional customer support service, your website visitors return. Thus, nurturing customer relationships. Though if you are skeptical about if you will be able to provide unrivaled customer service, back up your E-Store with BPO Services and connect with a Call Center in Lahore.

12.  Nurture Customer Relationships

Every time you connect with your customer, whether they are a first-time visitor to your website or a regular customer, you nurture relationships. Just as in reality, to maintain a healthy relationship, communication is the KEY, the same goes for E-Commerce.

Hence, if you look forward to building long-term relationships with your customers, generating leads, and boosting loyalty; drop in their inbox – THANK YOU. Plus, when they leave reviews of your products on your social channels, acknowledge them. Reach out to those who leave behind negative ones; to keep your customer relationship game up and going.

13.  Tap into other Social Channels

Being a Magento 2 E-Commerce Development Company, we always come across businesses that focus primarily on their digital storefront, but what they don’t focus on is their potential to expand across channels.

Being Magento Implementation Partners, our big tip is to take an approach that is digitally first and looks beyond in-store outlets and typical E-Stores. As a business, you need to focus on extending through Social Media Platforms like Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing in Pakistan Instagram Marketing , and other Online Marketing in Pakistan channels to serve your customers where they spent most of their time.



As the pandemic has made sufficiently clear, every business has now turned towards Magento E-Commerce Development Services. Hence, as a brand, to win over the competition, you need to maintain an online presence.

Moreover, it is more essential than ever to have in place an Online Advertising in Pakistan strategy, just so you can connect with your potential customers wherever they are, with well-planned, personalized, and timely messages.

Though if there is any confusion about how Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan Social Media Marketing in Lahore , and Magento 2 Website Development go hand in hand and you want some professional help, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services TODAY!







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