How to use Xcentric Magento Audit to increase Online Sales

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 06, 2020

Xcentric Services has long been in business providing Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan and conducting Magento Audit. Hence, consider us on the same route as you are. Because we understand how much of an effort-intensive task owning a business is.

Have you been ignoring improvements on your Magento Store just because there are no resources to examine the not-so-prioritized weak lines that can give your online sales a significant boost? That’s precisely where Xcentric Magento Audit can help you out.

The benefit Online Retailers in Pakistan will get out of it?

Being Magento Solution Partners in Pakistan, our specialists at Xcentric will identify and analyze the weaknesses in your online retail website. After a complete audit and better understanding, they’ll release a report of all the problems identified, along with potential solutions to fix them, through technical knowledge sharing.

However, if you aren’t aware of how an audit works, our specialists have listed out the parameters for the initial checks. Let’s go ahead and see what it includes!

1. Loading Speed Audit

Speed is essential, and there’s no denying the fact that a quick web page trumps a slow site. And that’s enough to tell online retailers that a website with performance issues has a dropping number of visitors. This fact is backed by research that states; 90% of users leave a site if it doesn’t load in five-second. A whole lot of pressure, right?

Hence, to reach this benchmark of speed, our auditing experts will test your site’s internal speed. Moreover, to provide you with a detailed speed report of the desktop and mobile versions of your site, the results will be double-checked with the worldwide trusted PageSpeed Insight.

The plus – Our specialists will send you a list of tools for cache management, and code plus image optimization, in case you need any help. For more information, go through this article we’ve published on how to speed up your Magento. It might help you a lot!

Magento Audit

2. UX Audit

A great user experience (UX) is known for reducing cart abandonment and driving conversion rates. However, a simple UX boils down to a website that is operational and user-friendly. Plus, it has all the necessary navigation elements (Menus, Catalogs, Filters, etc.)

Our Magento Audit specialists at Xcentric will examine your site’s product pages. Plus, the in-store search and the speed of navigation from the home page. To sum up, you’ll get a clear picture of the experience every customer has when they visit your online retail website.

3. Customer Registration Audit

There’s a rule that applies to every customer registration process, and that’s – The fewer the steps, the better.

Even though the above rule applied is proven to be logical, there are still many websites audited that are operating opposite to this rule. Therefore, to make sure that you’re not one of those, our auditors will review all the customized forms you’ve designed. Later on, if there’s any flaw, our teams will help you create a one-touch signup-login form, which also connects the account to the customer’s socials.

4. Checkout Process Audit

There’s one rule that every online retailer needs to follow while they plan out their checkout process. And that’s – Keep it Simple. According to researchers, about 23% of buyers abandon their carts because the checkout process is complex.

Therefore, in this audit, our specialists revise your checkout process. Pointing out any complication that might be leading to your customers abandoning their carts. Drawing on our team’s experience of conducting hundreds of Magento Audit , generally, the problem only arises when the websites require the customers to switch between different forms. Further, redirecting them to different pages, back and forth, irritates them and leads to cart abandonment.

Magento has a solution to this too and now calls for a Checkout-less Process.         

Magento AuditAs experts in the field of Magento audit, and being Magento Professional Partners in Pakistan, after conducting this audit, we’ll present you with an Audit Report from our specialists, along with recommendations. So step ahead, Contact Us, and get your Magento Store audited by our specialists at Xcentric Services today!







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