Xbox SmartGlass

John Smith

  • Feb 19, 2019

With the launch of Xbox Microsoft made some updates regarding the apps and other features in the Xbox gaming console. SmartGlass is one of the key features.

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SmartGlass is an Xbox application that allows the player to connect his/her phone or tablet with the Xbox One or Xbox 360 as a controller. This is a great way to connect to your Xbox. The SmartGlass app also helps to use your phone to record the gameplay through DVR while you are playing on your console. Moreover, the app allows the users to check friends list, achievements, gamerscore, and TV listings.

How to Set Up SmartGlass

SmartGlass app is available for Android and iOS. You can download it on your tablet or on your phone.  The main thing is to set up your Xbox with the SmartGlass app.

Here are some steps you can follow to set up your Xbox with the SmartGlass. Get to the Google Play Store or App Store or Windows Store according to your device. Search for the SmartGlass app and download it. After that open the app and sign in to your Microsoft account. You will be able to see your gamer tag if you added an account that is associated with your Xbox gaming console. Tap on let’s play and you are ready to use the SmartGlass app.

Connect SmartGlass to Xbox Console

After you have installed the SmartGlass app, you have to connect it with your Xbox One. For this, you have to connect your phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi by which your Xbox One is connected.

With the SmartGlass app open in your smart device tap on the hamburger button in the top left corner (☰). Tap on the connection button. Click on the Xbox One if you have the default console name and if you have changed it you will tap on the name you selected. Again tap on the connect button to get connected to Xbox. If everything is done right you are now connected to your Xbox console through your SmartGlass app.

Your Smart Phone/Tablet As Controller

The biggest feature of SmartGlass is that you can make your smartphone or the tablet your Xbox One controller. I mentioned how you can connect Xbox One with SmartGlass now if you want to use your phone as a controller you have to follow the steps. Tap on the remote control icon located in the end of the right corner of the screen. Tap where it mentions A, B, X, or Y on your phone screen and your Xbox One will work according to it just like you do from your Xbox controllers.

Record Videos With SmartGlass

Xbox One came up with a built-in DVR feature that allows you to record your gameplay and you can execute the command in a couple of different ways. If you have a Kinect, you can start recording a video with your voice. If you are willing to perform the same task with your SmartGlass you have to tap on the name of the game on your SmartGlass that you are playing at that time and then tap on record to record your gameplay.

Other features of SmartGlass

The app is basically designed to control your Xbox gaming console with your smartphone or tablet. The app helps you to check your gamerscore and achievements when you are not on Xbox One. You can send your friends messages if they are online.

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