Xbox Project Scorpio

John Smith

  • Feb 20, 2019


Since 2001 Microsoft is in the business of the gaming console. From zero to the top Microsoft has learned and delivered many things in these 18 years.

It was hard for any company to step into the gaming console business at that time because the pioneer of gaming Nintendo and Sony were doing great in the market of gaming. Still, Microsoft took the step and launched its own gaming console Xbox in 2001. With the feedback and the flaws in the console, users were not pleased with the company that much. There were rumors that Microsoft might quit or maybe discontinue Xbox. After a few years, Microsoft launched another console which was far better than the older one. With time and intense work, Microsoft made its position clear in the business and now it’s been long 18 years of gaming and the company is still offering the best to its users.

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To celebrate these years of success and the power of the best gaming console in the world right now, Microsoft launched the Xbox Project Scorpio gaming console. The console was available for a limited time and as a limited edition. Microsoft offered the players to preorder the Xbox Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio is a marvel of strength as well. Providing the best gaming experience to the Xbox players. With support to 4K HDR resolution.

The console reminds of the original console of Xbox and its look is just amazing. Black finish with lightens logo of Xbox and the green Project Scorpio badge visible on controllers and the console. One more thing about the console is that it comes with a stand so it is up to you how you want to keep the console in your house. With all the new features there is a mystery hidden in the code of numbers you see on the console box.

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What Is The Number Code Exactly?

On the Xbox Project Scorpio gaming console box, you will see a code of numbers written in green. It is not there randomly but it is written there for a reason and it means something. 0105101317 this is the number you see on the packaging box of the console. Can you crack the story behind the numbers? If not I will help you with that.

01 shows 15th November 2001 when Microsoft launched the original Xbox.

05 reminds me of 22nd November 2005 when Xbox 360 was launched.

10 2010 was the year when Microsoft introduced the Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360.

13 on 22nd November 2013 the latest Xbox One was released by Microsoft.

17 7th November 2017 Microsoft released the Xbox One X.

This is the history of Microsoft Xbox as in the gaming console business. How beautifully they explained the evolution of Xbox in the past years. Here I want to inform you again if you feel to buy a Microsoft Xbox gaming console or any games with the 4K enhanced patches you are welcome to visit the Xcentric Services website store so you can get Xbox One Games in Pakistan.







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