Get Your Hands on Xbox one Games & People Counting Camera

John Smith

  • Jan 28, 2019


Xbox is a video gaming console that was created by an American-based company that is famous worldwide Microsoft. The Xbox was Microsoft’s first step into the electronic gaming world. The console was released on November 15, 2001.

After the launch of Microsoft’s very own and first gaming console Xbox was competing with the running boss Play Station 2 and Microsoft was in big competition with Sony.

Rumors were spread out in 1999 that Microsoft is coming up with something big for the gaming business sector. The reasons seem simple, first that the firm wanted to enhance their own products and second is to get their hands to the electronic gaming console market. In the start of the product it was said the things were not working for Microsoft as they planned to and even having so popular games like Halo, Combat Evolved and Halo 2 the firm was facing a serious loss. The company representatives reported in 2005 that the company has lost almost $4 billion regarding Xbox enterprise.

Good news for the Xbox users in Pakistan you can now get Xbox one games in Pakistan at a good price.
The company offered the best technology features in Xbox as compared to what their competitors were selling, still, Microsoft was lacking in the software license and that license was enjoyed by the rivals Sony and Nintendo at that time.

In 2002 the feature Xbox Live was introduced in the gaming market according to this online gaming network the players can compete with each other over the internet. The results were phenomenal almost two million users subscribed to Xbox Live and so this was the biggest success for the company regarding electronic gaming consoles. Like everywhere users at that time tried to crack the security of the console due to having some flaws in the security the company modified the security and if any pirated copy of the game is used the warranty will be canceled but the issue was not completely resolved.

If you are an Xbox player you should also buy the games instead of using pirated copy and get real Xbox one games in Pakistan now at a reasonable price.

Moving to another piece of great technology you can now count people with the help of cameras. If you are the owner of a store or any office this technology might be useful for you. The cameras and sensors used are built for every kind of environment and with good range conditions.

This technology is not so familiar in Pakistan yet but you can get the technology by us simply by checking out People Counting Camera Price in Pakistan. People Counting Camera – the sensors in the camera are installed in the ceiling of the room or building. The sensors can also be fitted outdoor but you have to keep in mind that you set the sensors in weather-resistant areas plus the sensors should be pointing downward this will help the sensors to count the people with the help of thermal technology.

The high-level performances of algorithms allow the sensors to count people precisely even in highly populated areas. Counted data of people is then stored on the device or any cloud space and it can be checked remotely over the internet, there are different online apps available in the app stores to monitor your camera. You can also connect multiple sensors, covering up different areas the sensors in the cameras are up to 98% accurate. To get the best People Counting Camera Price in Pakistan please check the link.







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