Working of People Counting Camera In Holiday Season

John Smith

  • May 17, 2019

Holidays come and slowdowns many businesses and businessmen are really worried about their sales, thanks to people counting camera to serve in holidays too.

Holidays are the greatest expected change in the calendar. When the end of the year approaches and there is still a gap to close to achieving targets, it is good to know things are going to get better soon. With the start of the Thanksgiving occasion, almost all industries are energized by the spirit of the holiday. No matter what holiday customers enjoy in their home country. Businessmen know it is time to go shopping, travel, or visit a certain place to find joy.

The holiday season and shopping for New Year is a tough task and the last boost-up moment of sales for the retailers before the year ends. The retailers create anxiety of hope and some unexpected sales results later as the holiday shopping season are on. Professionals People counting camera in the field share that there is still room for Amazon and other companies in the retail market such as Walmart to show strong signs of Q4 growth, retailers globally seem to be optimistic this year as they have not been for quite a while. Nonetheless, customers have more means and platforms to buy.

But still, online shopping platforms are not always the customer’s first choice with heavy purchases. It is the retailer’s biggest advantage that platforms do not offer great personalized service as their staff or that customers cannot touch and feel the merchandise as they can in a store and they always do.

Good News for Retailers!

Even if their journey starts on online platforms and customers are more preferring to visit stores this year. Google shared the latest report that shows where to buy. These searches have achieved 85% this season. That means customers will be going shopping in the malls and stores. In addition to the information, customers are doing so for the previous two years.

Retailers are always ready to attend to their customers with their supporting store staff and attractive offerings. Now is the time for retailers to put their people counting camera data into good use and allow this valuable data for their own benefit in this ending moment of the year.

Good News for Other Businesses!

It is not that only retailers are taking advantage but there is some good news for industries like airports, shopping malls, and supermarkets as well. They are going to witness a huge footfall count change in their business venues soon. With the help of footfall analytics like people counting camera devices, you will be more informed about your customers in such a high season.

People counting technologies identify the footfall traffic and customer journey to give important data to help businesses to make major decisions. With the help of people counting technology, it is better to make business decisions. During this holiday season, V-Count people counting camera, heatmap, and queue management products will be serving businesses again to revolutionize and differentiate from the competition by knowing their customers.

V-Count is one of the biggest manufacturers or people counting solution provider and their products are world-famous and most accurate. Many businesses implement V-Count’s counter for better results and decision-making. The concept of people counting camera analytics is new in Pakistan but Xcentric Services wants to revolutionize the business in the country, so we are introducing V-Count products in Pakistan for retailers or any other industry with heavy footfall traffic.

People counting camera helps owners to collect very effective data on customer count and behavior with their interaction with your displays or products. By which you are aided to make changes in your store regarding layout or staff management and other aspects.







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