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John Smith

  • Apr 23, 2019

The world is stepping ahead into innovations each day and the time of desktops and laptops is replaced with smartphones to use them on the go.

It is hard to carry a laptop everywhere you go just to check your emails. On the other side, desktop computers are impossible to carry. A smarter way is to use a smartphone with an email client application in it. So you can get connected through emails with your colleagues or business members.

Say thanks to the technology giants, Microsoft which is providing ease to users at every step. If you are not familiar with the Microsoft Exchange Server, this piece of writing is for you.

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Let’s know more about Microsoft Exchange Server.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server?

Microsoft Exchange server is a product of Microsoft office family. Microsoft Exchange is a mail server and calendar, it aids small and medium-sized companies to achieve better dependability and improved performance.

Exchange server only runs on Windows Server Operating systems. It is also known as a server-side application providing data to the client-side collective application platform. Exchange email server offers flexibility for sending emails, voicemail transcriptions, calendars, scheduling, and features to modify cooperation and messaging service applications.

There are different other email protocols else then exchange servers, such as POP3, IMAP, MAPI, and Exchange ActiveSync.

Advantages of Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange server plays an important role in your daily life. Its official documents, security or mobility, Exchange server’s abilities are not paralleled so far. Let’s check some of the main benefits of the Microsoft exchange server.

Official appointments:

The mail exchange server will not let you miss an appointment. It will update your clients in case you are out of the office because they will get an auto-reply right away.

Confidentiality of emails:

Whenever you are out of the office, Exchange Server allows you to give special permission to any of your trustworthy colleagues to keep a check and makes sure that nothing important gets ignored. In this way Exchange server keeps the business moving forward by enabling others to check your availability for a crucial meeting and book appointments.

Address book feature

You do not have to worry about the email address of different employees or persons. All the email addresses will be automatically updated in the email address book and the email addresses are so easily recalled so that they can be used anytime in case of urgency.

Enhanced team productivity

It also helps in keeping proper communication between employees by providing them full access from their home or office, they can also use that access while they are away from the office or went abroad. The exchange server shortens the means of communication very efficiently and helps in rapid growth and productivity.


If you take a comparison about other email servers, Microsoft Exchange server reduces the expense of communication because it is fast and it is economical as compared to phone calls, faxes, type and it sends hard copies of letters.

Customer satisfaction

Exchange server offers companies to be very responsive to the queries from customers and resolve their issues as soon as possible leading to greater customer satisfaction in lesser time.


Microsoft Exchange server offers better security options as compared to faxes and emails. Companies do not have to worry about leakage of sensitive data as it has built-in features such as data leak protection, archiving and retention of sensitive information.

This was a brief introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server and some of its important advantages. If you are willing to get yourself up to date according to the latest innovations in the technology world, visit Xcentric Store to buy Microsoft Office in Pakistan and you can also get Microsoft Exchange Online.







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