Why Is WooCommerce Website Development The New Cool?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 27, 2019


Talking about E-Commerce Website Development, a WooCommerce Website is the new hot guy in the market. It covers up to 75% of the total online stores built with WordPress. Hence, there’s no doubt about the fact that every WooCommerce Website is wooing its charm with WordPress plugins for E-Commerce especially because of its flexible nature. It is a free plugin that works in perfect synchronization with WordPress websites, offering several options and extensions for store owners and developers while being constantly updated. WooCommerce is all out this season, showing you the new Dynamics 365 E-Commerce trends.

WooCommerce Website Product Pages Get One-up

With the emergence of VR, videos, and 360º visual content the previous year, online stores hit a new boom. Growing technology and the lightning bolt internet speed as they like to call it, allows the developers to successfully provide E-Commerce Platform Integration Services. E-commerce is in luck now with this Magento E-Commerce Development since now the product pages can augment using video for the products in question. For instance; You are a clothing brand. Using a video to display your latest Pret-Range will not only look pretty but will also be beneficial for your customers to decide better.

WooCommerce is also offering the 360º image feature, allowing the user to get a 360º rotation of your product images. Brands like Sephora and Mac are using this feature to emphasize the make-up products from different angles.

Generally, you would see to-the-point and brief descriptions but with product pages, that’s not applicable. The more detail-oriented your page is, the better it will respond. While you are on it, use your keywords smartly to amplify your SEO Services in Lahore.

WooCommerce Website

Mobile Shopping is Convenient

In the fast-paced world, people usually don’t have time to take out their laptops if they plan on online buying. They’d rather have a smart device to help them with it on their run for the day. People tend to lose patience if the website is not mobile-friendly and there are chances of you losing on some potential customers. Just because your website was slow, the load will increase faster than you would prefer.

Providentially, there are many WooCommerce Website themes available on WordPress, which are both; Mobile-friendly and fast to load. For example, one of the top WooCommerce themes these days is Flat-some. It enables a drag-and-drop builder to create a pretty and responsive online store that works melodiously on mobile devices.

Chatbots to the rescue!

Keeping a round-the-clock check is next to impossible and if tried against the law of nature, customer service is doomed for good. To keep this boat sailing, chatbots become the anchor. With the tremendous advancement in AI and Machine Learning, chatbots can take simple questions and grow smarter. All while they are learning more about your potential and existing customers.

WooCommerce Website wins the day with its successfully running chatbot plugins like WooWBot. It is a standalone chatbot shop assistant that doesn’t require any 3rd party service integrations. And perhaps, how can we forget to mention the infamous Facebook Messenger for WooCommerce Website and Facebook Marketing Services?  You must’ve come across this literal leader of chatbots while scrolling around on Facebook.

The Shopping experience can be personalized

Let’s play with the psyche of your customers, isn’t that what Digital Marketing Services are all about? To make your customers feel important, what could be a better way than providing them with a personalized shopping experience? Artificial Intelligence is already doing a marvelous job with your personalized customer care service.

It’s not a bad idea to leverage it to personalize the shopping experience, which by the way doesn’t only mean greeting your customers by their name. It helps you with the knowledge of their location, language, social status, preferences, and shopping habits. Which can be used to lure them to sales and local events when they browse through your online store equipped with Magento Payment Integration and Magento Shipping Integration.

WooCommerce Website will help you in this regard too. With its various features, shopping has become more individualized. In the world of globalization, if your webpage doesn’t translate in all languages that your potential customers speak. Are you sure your message and business are well heard? That’s precisely where WPML jumps in to save the day. It helps you speak your customer’s language and engage with them better.

The cool feature of WooCommerce

Another cool feature of the WooCommerce Website is its Extra Product Option. It allows you to create forms with conditional logic so the customer gets the liberty to customize their product. It gives the feel of autonomy while it helps you understand their taste better and maybe your next set of articles would have the changes embedded in them, gaining customer satisfaction.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin that has become the heart of many small to large online businesses since 2011. But if you think that WooCommerce is not cutting out and you can’t choose between WooCommerce Website and Magento Shopify Integration, CONTACT US;  As Shopify partners, we are in a better position to help you understand the difference between both and guide you through your Best CRM for E-Commerce and platform selection.







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