Wonder How Retailers Are Cashing From Footfall Analytics?

John Smith

  • Mar 13, 2019


We all notice changes in the technology trends and some of us are part of implementing those techniques, retailers are doing great with integrated tech tools.

You might be thinking how retailers are getting advantage of technology trends? Let me tell you that the technology the retailers are using now days is actually people counting camera also known as footfall counting or traffic counter. It’s not the end yet the device is worth nothing without the data. The people counter creates a data of traffic counting which aids the retailer in more than one way.

The concept of people counter is to collect a data of counting of people and track the journey of customers in your retail business venue. You might get a clue now how useful is that data, if not I will explain the whole concept to you.

With the new trends in technology the first thing comes in your mind is accuracy and worthiness. Both, the product is trusty and its reports can be trusted. People counters are available in different percentage of accuracy depending on the technology they are using in people counters.

V-Count is a lead manufacturer of people counters and they are working to get maximum accuracy from it. Right now their product gives 98% accuracy in data. Xcentric Services is selling people counting solutions by V-Count, people interested to get their hands on technology are welcome to visit Xcentric Services website store to get people counting camera price.

Getting back on point! People counters are installed in different areas by the retailers in their retail venue such as entrance and in halls or different departments. The cameras and the sensors record the number of people entering in store or shopping mall and it also get the tracks of customers pointing out the places where customer engagement was high and where customers paid less attention.

This data can be monitored real time on monitor set up or you can schedule monthly or weekly reports of the data. Moreover, you can check the real time traffic form your phone anytime anywhere via internet.

The data helps the retailers to check the crowded hours of their store. By this if a retailer is smart he will put proper staff and management in those hours, so that the customers turn happy. Proper management of labor helps the retailer to reduce the labor cost.

In bigger malls and store there are chance of theft because the cameras are not able to reach every corner. People counter gives you the exact data that also helps you to put your staff on duty in each department of store so they will keep an eye on all the customers.

The areas that get more engagement in the store gives an idea of customer behavior and keeping that in mind the retailer can add more products to that department this might result in increase in sales.

The best part of people counting data is that when you compare the traffic data with your sales you come to know that how many of the visitors are potential customers. If you want to turn your visitors to buyers you can start promotions and campaigns to make them your customers as well. To start any campaign or promotion the traffic data will give your idea of best data and time according to your store engagement.

These are some ways that retailers are able to earn better from their retail business. If you are also connected to any retail business or you are a professional where traffic data is needed. You need to visit Xcentric Services Website so you can at least know more about the device and you can compare different people counting camera price there.







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