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Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 04, 2020

Mushtaq Online has grown into one reputable grocery store after going online – All thanks to Magento E-Commerce Development Services. They offer a broad range of products; covering every essential from grocery to personal care, fresh bakes for breakfast, to everything in between. Plus, they also offer online-exclusive deals every week and ready-to-buy carts, which are fan-favorites. Summarizing their wide-ranging list of products is just impossible; suffice it to say that anyone on a grocery spree online can find something in their grocery catalog. 

Many people enjoy in-store grocery shopping; it’s not a niche thing. Therefore, although their customers are no alien to their affordable prices and product selection, they’re serving in the most competitive industry – E-Commerce Website Development. Probably, there are a lot of people out there who hate getting out of their bed for grocery shopping. And they wish they knew a place where they can buy groceries online; with a few swipes and clicks on their phone. 

However, the problem begins when they type one of those high-volume keywords on Google and hit ENTER. We all know what happens next; they will be bombarded with too many other options of grocery stores online before they even spot Mushtaq Online. 

When it comes to searching for products in a massively full market, visibility is everything. A pack of snacks from Mushtaq Online is arguably identical to the one from any of their competitors. Even though Mushtaq Online offered the best quality products at best prices, the potential customers still needed to connect the dots. And for that, they needed to find and connect with Mushtaq Online on search engines. That is precisely where we, Xcentric Services, united them – Mushtaq Online and their Customers, with our SEO Services.

Entering the arena of Search Engine Optimization

Mushtaq Online knew that when they go live in front of their target audience, their affordable prices, wide-ranging product selection, and exceptional customer service will balance it all. However, the trick was getting there. And for that, they needed a sustainable solution that helped them grow traffic in the long-run. Precisely, what they needed was a Digital Marketing Company that could help them optimize their Dynamics E-Commerce website and develop a content strategy that attracts Google and drives organic traffic.

Being the Best SEO Company in Pakistan, we have our process is well-defined and comprehensive and requires detailed outlining and research before even taking off the ground. Keyword research is fundamental to our SEO Services Pakistan regardless of the client and the industry. Our E-Commerce SEO experts get familiar with the client, the product it offers, and its target audience before analyzing the buyer and competitor practices. Next, they take a look at some high-volume keywords, along with the rank of the client on them, including shot-tail and long-tail keywords both.

Short-tail keywords direct a higher search volume but are more general. Therefore, they are hard to rank on, but with constant increases in ranking comes higher traffic. Comparatively, long-tail keywords are less competing and have a low search volume. However, customers searching for them end up converting more regularly because they are specific about what they need. So when they find it, they are instantly sold.

E-Commerce SEO

On-site Optimization

We compiled an engaging and extensive mix of keywords for Mushtaq Online. Later, we got to re-structure their Dynamics 365 E-Commerce website with an emphasis on optimizing the title tags, Meta descriptions, and snippets of their product pages. Next, we audited their website to uncover and remove the broken links and duplicate content. All along, we also ensured that the backlinks are verified, and their content is visible to both. 

We also tweaked their website content and made sure that it is keyword-rich, to improve their SEO score. In detail, we optimized the content on category pages to make them more attractive and maximize their ROI; considering that Google only takes into account the websites that rich in keyword-relevancy and density.

However, the on-site content was not only optimized to attract Google. We also intended to generate leadership by crafting optimized content that attracted customers too. Though on-site optimization was not the only part of our pain-taking process, we took on every opportunity while providing E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan

Off-site Optimization

Before Google ranks a website, it takes into account the number of sources that direct traffic to it; as an authority in sphere. This phenomenon is what makes the power of backlinks so significant.

In addition to optimizing the site structure of Mushtaq Online and infusing it with keyword-rich content, we made all-embracing efforts to ensure that they receive backlinks from other sources online; to boost their rank on search engines

This double-edged strategy of on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan drastically enhanced the performance of our client on search engines. In the face of competition from other online grocery stores selling the same products, Mushtaq Online getting our E-Commerce SEO Services in Pakistan is a textbook case.

E-Commerce SEO

What were the Results?

One of the indicators to watch for as it links to measuring the success of an SEO Services in Chicago campaign is an uptick in organic traffic. From a rise in organic traffic, a business can generate many other gains. However, boosted traffic is typically the start of it.

Technically, getting results from SEO projects usually takes time and begins building regularly. However, shortly after giving their SEO at the hands of Xcentric Services, Mushtaq Online experienced a steady increase in traffic. 

The charts below show a steady increase in traffic between Feb 2020 to June 2020 when we provided them Best SEO Services in Pakistan. Pageviews had increased by approximately 40%. Plus, that figure also compared to a 17% rise in sessions. Over the entire term, the percentage of new users had increased by nearly 5%. But the most prominent piece of the puzzle lies in the pie chart. During the term of February to June, 75% of visits on their homepage were new customers; a prominent portion of traffic, and a notable increase.

Perhaps, most understanding in a scenario like this is the balance of traffic that found their website via organic search. As compared to other channels such as referral traffic or direct search. After all, the purpose of the competitive market of online grocery stores in which Mushtaq Online operates is to generate sustainable and organic results.

E-Commerce SEO

The Takeaway

Right after Mushtaq Online invested in our Best SEO Services Packages, the figures started talking for themselves. There is a noticeable boost in traffic and sessions, along with an increase in traffic from brand-new visitors. More than half of this boost in traffic composes visitors that found their business organically. Plus, by searching highly competitive keywords on Google.

The takeaway from this is that despite highly competitive markets, your Magento E-Commerce Website Development can fight the competitors with some help from our SEO Services in Pakistan. For a Digital Marketing Agency like us, how specialized or generic your industry is, does not matter; Our SEO campaigns are thoroughly planned and comprehensive. So whether we target long-tail keywords, or re-structure your Magento Website Design to remove broken links and optimize it, you can expect results.

The results you see of Mushtaq Online took some time to build, but they are sustainable. Even though it was a part of an industry where the competition is always at a peak, with our Magento E-Commerce Development expertise and SEO Services in Lahore strategies, we drove traffic to their E-Commerce website. Now that you have seen the results of our client – Mushtaq Online,E-Commerce SEO is your way to go. Even if you want to boost your conversions and increase sales with the Best SEO Services for Small business, count on us for help. Also, for professional help with your E-Commerce SEO project or Magento 2 Development Services, being a Magento 2 Development Agency, we can help. Get in touch with us today and let us handle all the optimization hassle with our Professional SEO Services







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