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John Smith

  • Mar 13, 2019

Are you confused about finding the best version of windows 10 to help your business? We will provide you a brief comparison of windows 10 pro and enterprise.

Windows 10 was launched in 2015 and Microsoft launched Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise along with other versions such as home and windows 10 for workstations. Microsoft always comes up with the best products in the market and with the variety of versions, people usually get confused that which version is the best to match according to your usage.

Basically, two versions are most favored for the business use windows 10 pro and windows 10 enterprise and to buy any of the products or even windows you can visit Xcentric Services Store to get Microsoft windows 10 price in Pakistan.

Let’s see what windows 10 pro and windows 10 enterprise have to offer to the business level users.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro was created for professionals with very limited or almost no tech support. This means that the security management in this version of windows 10 is created for average business professionals not for admins and experienced security experts. The security setting that is set by default in the operating system is best suitable for small businesses with comparatively automated updates. You can also say that Microsoft has planned all the security settings for you if you don’t want to go deep in security it is ok, just install the available updates and you are good to use windows.

The built-in feature of Windows 10 Pro known as Windows Autopilot, offers ease to small businesses to arrange new devices for employees. The hardware retailer that you select to work with, will register new devices for your company. You will be the owner and as the business owner, you are free to select or to change the default setup by making a profile that consists of things like detailed settings or applications.

If you have made up your mind to select a self-deploying mode then it you have to set it up for once. Next time whenever you buy any other device with autopilot enabled in it, the device will be added automatically added to your specifications. Your time is saved by the automatic addition of devices rather than manually adding them. Moreover, you can create multiple profiles in one device so that a device can be used by different workers and the users can also access their device remotely from offsite devices.

MDM has an option known as Windows Autopilot Reset and that helps the users to remotely reset the device but they have to use Microsoft Intune for that purpose. The remote reset takes the machine back to its original settings and removes all the previous applications, settings, and files. The best scenario to use this feature is when any of your devices are stolen or lost and it has some sensitive information.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 pro is suitable for small businesses and organizations on the other hand windows 10 enterprise serves businesses of any size with full support. The operating system was built especially for large and midsize organizations. Some small businesses can also use that which requires more security and work with technology professionals.

Windows 10 Enterprise also comes with an Autopilot but it is more secure and complex. If you are not willing to use it you should never go for the enterprise over pro version.

There are some unique features that are present in windows 10 enterprise as I have mentioned unique so you will not be able to enjoy them in the windows 10 pro version. The unique features are listed below:

Window Defender Credential Guard

  • Windows Defender Application Guard
  • Windows Defender Application Control
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ATP
  • Desktop Analytics Device Health
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization App-V
  • Microsoft User Environment Virtualization UE-V

All the products come with an information document that allows you to have a look at the product. It is enough for you to decide or you can talk about it with your crew. Keeping the requirement of your business in mind will ease you a bit to make a decision. Any of the above-mentioned features lacks in windows 10 pro. The Enterprise versions give a free hand to IT professionals to set the security according to their needs.

If you are still in trouble about making the right choice you can visit Xcentric Services and consult about your business needs regarding software anytime. You can get any Microsoft version of windows 10 price in Pakistan from Xcentric Services website store.







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