Windows AutoPilot

John Smith

  • Mar 25, 2019

Microsoft always comes up with something that surprises its users, with the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft revealed Windows 10 AutoPilot for management.

Windows 10 AutoPilot is the new face of Modern Management. Many companies are looking for options to manage Windows 10 devices with their Enterprise Mobility Management EMM product.

This means that the user wants a single software with which they can manage all type of devices such as iOS, Android and Windows.

With the modern management tool end user and the administrator are more flexible. The location of the device does not matter anymore. With the help of a local domain, join or a VPN connection will be enough to get the latest updates. Additional applications and policies are not needed any longer.

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Let’s have a look at the features and working of Windows AutoPilot for better understanding.

What is Windows AutoPilot?

Windows AutoPilot is a collection of different technologies that are used to set up or pre-configure new devices and getting them ready for industrious use. Windows AutoPilot also allows you to reset, repurpose and recover devices.

With the help of Windows AutoPilot, you control the Out-Of-Box Experience OOBE. You can hide options for the end user such as, “Accept End User License Agreement EULA”, “Personal or Company device owner” and privacy settings. The only thing the user has to do at that moment is connected to a Wi-Fi connection. After that select the keyboard layout and log in with the company authorizations.

How does it work?

Every time a Windows 10 device starts for the first time or even after a factory reset it runs the out of box experience OOBE setup. Meanwhile, the setup the devices will check if the Device Identity of the device is matched by any data in Azure. If the record of the profile is found, the assigned profile will load which is modified by the corresponding company.

This offers the IT administrator great options. The administrator no longer has to create a new device for the end user, he can also let the device to be carried at the end users home address, reducing all the efforts.

The end users start the devices, logs in with the company authentications and within a few minutes, the devices are ready for use with the company policies applied. If the device is not working properly or it is unstable for some reasons just perform a factory reset or device wipe. After the cleanup of the device and re-installation of Windows 10 fully automatic, the device will run the OOBE setup again and the user can log in with a new Windows 10 installation with all the company policies applied.


Windows AutoPilot is an Azure AD Premium feature and that means that every user that needs to use this feature has to acquire at least AD Premium P1 license or a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility EM + Microsoft Security S (EM+S, E3 or E5) license.

The Windows AutoPilot is of great use to organizations with any number of employees. IT administrators are getting much relief with this Azure feature. It is great to implement company policies on the work machines through one software at one place.

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