Windows 7 User Decreasing After Windows 10

John Smith

  • May 07, 2019

It was a great step of innovation when Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft in 2009, loved by users till Windows 10 came in the race of operating systems.

It is not that people are hating it now or they are not using it but many of the users advanced themselves to Windows 10. Windows 10 which is said to be the most powerful operating system right now. Windows 7 users start to drop in numbers as Windows 10 reaches an all-time high. It is been preferred for many years currently, yet Windows 7’s market share is quickly going down. The aging operating system’s extended support stage comes to an end in January 2020 next year and also, as anticipated, more people are moving to Windows 10, which has its highest possible individual numbers ever.

If you are Windows 7 fan and still using it, upgrade your Windows before the supports end in January 2020. After that, you will be running an unsafe version of Windows. If you are residing in Pakistan you can visit Xcentric Services to get Windows 10 price in Pakistan and different versions available for your computer according to your work requirements.

Windows 7 is almost 10 years old currently. It exited straight to support and also entered its prolonged assistance phase in January 2015, which suggested customers can still get free vital security spots, bug fixes, and also technical assistance for the following five years.

With the end of that duration insight, as well as Microsoft sending push notifications to Windows 7 owners encouraging them to update, a loss in customer numbers was predicted. It resembled the beginning of the end back in December when Windows 10 lastly ended up being the most popular desktop operating system, but Windows 7’s market share had actually been increasing slightly ever since. March, nonetheless, saw a sharp failure.

According to the analytics by different companies, the share’s most current record places Windows 7’s share of the market at 36.5 percent and it is the cheapest in recent times. Windows 10, meanwhile, has gotten to a record high of 43.6 percent.

The information suggests Windows 7 is finally beginning to fade right into nothingness, but there will still be business and also education clients who can pay to get extended security updates ESUs after 2020 January 14 next year. This services a per-device basis, and doubles in rate annually for 3 years, indicating it will likely be more affordable for organizations to update their entire networks to Windows 10.

Nothing can be said about the end support of Windows 7, according to Microsoft they want their customer to step up to innovation and go with the latest technology and leave the old operating system. On the other hand, users are also saying that Microsoft just do not want to offer security updates anymore to promote Windows 10 and their main reason is to convert all the Windows 7 users to Windows 10.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they believed that this operating system will be installed in the maximum number of computers, and with this news users are now installing or upgrading to Windows 10. This way the number of installs is increasing so is the shares shaking of Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is said that the count of installs will increase by the end of 2019. If you are not using Windows 10 right now, visit Xcentric Store and get the original and latest Windows 10 prices in Pakistan. Xcentric Services offer original products with the partnership of Microsoft because using pirated or fake products is illegal and it is considered a crime.







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