Windows 10 Your Phone App

John Smith

  • Mar 19, 2019

Windows 10 is the best operating system working right now and Microsoft is making it better with launching new updates for more comfortable use.

In 2015 Microsoft launched Windows 10 before that Windows 8 was released years back, but Microsoft customers were not that happy with the operating system. Well with some big updates and major changes in the windows Microsoft Windows 10 supports more applications.

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With all the new features Microsoft also introduced Your Phone Application in windows 10. Your Phone app allows you to check the videos and the pictures of the phone on your personal computer. You can also receive and send messages from your computer.

Microsoft is still working to improve the functionality of this app because they want to make it bigger and more reliable. The app was introduced to ease the windows users, so they can check texts and calls when they are working either then pulling out your phone every time.

If you want to connect your phone with your Windows 10, the first thing you will check is that your Windows is running October 10th Update because the app is supported in this update, not the previous one.

Your Phone is an app that is installed on your computer, on the other side Your Phone Companion is the app you have to install on your Android phone. Make both your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi through Bluetooth.

Your Phone app is clearly visible is your computer and if not you can download it from the Windows 10 Store. On the other side, Your Phone Companion app for Android users can be downloaded via the link, if not, then you can get the link by entering your phone number into the Your Phone app. Automatically Microsoft will send a text message to your phone with the link inside of it.

Right now Microsoft Your Phone app is not available for iOS users and the iOS users are not happy with it. Although Microsoft is struggling to bring the app to iOS, right now the Apple users can only send URLs to others through your phone app.

This is the reason the Apple users are not so pleased with this app, but there is small news for iOS users that the Phone Companion app is a little bit out of date now that is why it doesn’t work with Apple phones properly. If you are iOS user and want to share your pictures from your Apple Phone to windows there is an application known as Photo Companion app by this iOS users can also share their photos from phone to Windows 10.

You can perform two things on your windows 10 through Your Phone app, the first is that you can check the messages and simply reply to them, plus you can transfer your photos and videos from phone to PC and from PC to phone.

Microsoft has shared its point of view of this app a couple of times and it was mentioned that the Your App is going to be better with the latest updates.

Microsoft also announced the end of support for Windows 7, so if you are not running windows 10 right now you should upgrade it and for that visit Xcentric Services to get the latest updates on windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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