Windows 10 X64 Package Size Reduced For Downloads

John Smith

  • Apr 05, 2019

With best products offering to users, Microsoft is just doing great, to save some more space Windows 10 x64 is now available in a reduced size for download.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015 and there is a huge change in technology since then but the operating system Windows 10 is still known as the most powerful operating system till now. The reason behind that is the updates that Microsoft launches to make Windows 10 more powerful according to the recent trends of technology.

Moreover, some additional features and applications are also added so that the user’s productivity can be aided. It is said that Microsoft is also planning to launch another feature update in April 2019.

Statements are also shared by Microsoft that the update support to Windows 7 is going to end in 2020. This means if you are running the Windows 7 operating system in your system after January 2020 your computer will not be safe to use. To enjoy the latest features by Microsoft and to avoid complications after support then upgrade your Windows to Windows 10.

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Coming back to the main point. Microsoft’s new feature updates that are released as Electronic Software Distribution ESD files through Windows Server Update Services WSUS, allow you the choice to download the x64 file as a single package.

The separation of the file by the system allows you to download the files with reduced size, by this the size can be reduced up to 2.6 GB for the x64 package this means you will be able to have approximately 2.2 GB spare space now. The separation of files is also similar to customers’ experience along with the new feature updates through Windows Update.

The feature updates that are going to be live are just in under observation for testing and bug fixes, the update is out for the Windows insiders program and soon the update will be out. After the update you will get a downloadable file of Windows 10 with the operating system, lacking the latest collective updates, and it will not include Features on Demand FOD as well as language packs. You have to download the collective quality updates to make your computer fully up to date.

The x64 files will be available for all of the language versions available, such as EN-US for the English-United States. The x64 feature update will be available for Windows 10 users once it is out for the public.

The users who are still willing to get x86 feature updates need to use the combined files originally launched, which will continue to be accessible and do not have the x64 difference. Configuration Manager and other Windows 10 enterprise management solutions can fetch the x86 files from that feature update to install as they did before.

Microsoft is expecting from their commercial customers who are still moving to the versions of Windows 10 mentioned above across their business environments to see significant time and bandwidth savings with this update. You have to keep that in mind that this alteration will not save bandwidth between the Configuration Manager and the computer.

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