Windows 10 Will Install Feature Updates Manually

John Smith

  • Apr 11, 2019


Feature update of Windows 10 : Microsoft is going to make massive changes to the Windows 10 regarding the update services, the company is giving back the users their hold now.

The technology giant Microsoft has revealed that from the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, users will not be forced to install new feature updates of Windows 10 when they are available for all users. The decision was made by Microsoft after getting so much negative feedback about the issues that users face during the updates. The issues that were mentioned are losing files, breaking programs and installing the update at a difficult time.

Microsoft is working so hard to improve the installation of Windows Update, and at some level, they are successful to create a better system now although it is not perfect it is better than the time when it was launched in 2015. Now, users can manually install feature updates to their computers whenever they feel free without any pressure.

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Microsoft is going to split the Windows Update into two parts. For normal updates such as security and important patches, the button of a check for updates will function now.

The feature updates of Windows 10 will have their own in the Windows Update section and from there a user can download and update feature updates for Windows 10 whenever comfortable. But if the user does not want to start the installation he does not have to start it. Windows will notify the user that a new feature update is available now and if he wants to install it he can.

The user will not be forced now but as long as they keep the current version of Windows 10, they will be pressurized to install updates otherwise system will install it automatically which might give you some trouble.

The most important part of the story is that all the users have to install the latest updates because if your current version of Windows 10 ends support then automatically the Windows will start installing updates. For customers, the feature update is in support for about 18 months.

Mike Fortin who is the Vice President for Windows said that the

From the Windows 10 version1903 May 2019 Update, the users will have great control to start the Windows update. We will add a notification for that an update is available but it will be in the user’s hand that when he wants to install the update. If the version of update of Windows 10 reaches the end of support. Only in that case Windows update will start automatically and install the latest feature update.  Keeping machines maintained and getting monthly updates is dangerous to Windows security and ecosystem health.

This is an unparalleled alteration for Microsoft in the era of Windows as a Service, which has tried to keep every user updated with the latest version of Windows 10. Windows 10 will no longer forcefully restart the device unless you have postponed updates for a very, very long time.

The changes that are mentioned to come in Windows Update will please the users who have become angry with Windows 10 previous update routine. Upgrade your Windows to Windows 10 because, in 2020, January Microsoft is going to end support for Windows 7. So if you want to run a safe operating system in your computer visit Xcentric Store to get the latest Windows 10 price.







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