Windows 10 Up To Hit 1 Billion Users This Year

John Smith

  • Mar 15, 2019

Microsoft launched windows 10 in 2015 and the operating system set new targets for the competitors. In these years the installs are increasing up to 1 billion.

At the time of the launch the technology firm, Microsoft shared its view that it is expecting to achieve 1 billion installs of this mighty operating system, Windows 10.

With the popularity and appreciation of users for windows 7 it seems to be impossible and Microsoft once in a middle shared its thought that the milestone of 1 billion users may not be completed. The company was sure about their product and kept working hard. Some major changes were made during this time period to make the windows 10 more attractive and reliable for users.

Few weeks back Microsoft also announced that the company is planning to end the support to windows 7 in January 2020. After that if you will be using windows 7 your personal computer might not be secure. You should upgrade your windows to windows 10 before the support ends.

This seems to be a marketing stunt from Microsoft to increase windows 10 installs but windows 10 installs were already increased by windows 7 in the start of 2019. Plus the products created by Microsoft are never doubted and they make their own market sooner or later.

Right now Microsoft windows 10 is holding shares of 39.22 percent and windows 7 is holding 36.09 percent shares of the worldwide market. These two operating systems are leading shareholders regarding operating systems.

Microsoft is approximately 200 million installs away to achieve the milestone for windows 10.

It is not just about the race or being on the top. Microsoft windows 10 is really a result of hard work and dedication, the operating system is serving users in all industries as well as in all fields. If you are not using windows 10 in your computer, upgrade your windows to windows 10 and see the difference yourself.

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Microsoft representative shared a tweet about the facts of windows 10 and thanking all the users. According to the tweet, Yusuf Mehdi said thanks to all the customers and Microsoft partners to achieve 800 million windows 10 users. He also added that Microsoft gained the highest customer satisfaction in the history of windows.

Achieving the highest customer satisfaction is also a milestone itself. There was no time limit when Microsoft set this aim to achieve 1 billion windows 10 install but now it seems like the goal is very close. The end of support of windows 7 may also help windows 10 in increasing its installs. Either Microsoft has such intentions or not but the windows 7 users will obviously upgrade to windows 10 after the support ends. The fact for this statement is mentioned above that the two top leading shares are held by windows 10 number one and second windows 7.

The major percentage of the shares is in Microsoft’s account and the users liked and used the operating systems that is why the products got popular in the market.

Well this was all for now, let’s see what will Microsoft do to ease windows 7 users for upgrades or any other alternatives.

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