Windows 10 Security Features

John Smith

  • Mar 04, 2019

In the year 2015 Microsoft came up with the most powerful operating system, Windows 10. Being most powerful demands proper security from cyber-attacks.

The era of the internet provides maximum ease to humanity but with this ease, there is always a headache of security. Security features of your data, sensitive information and it might be your production work or anything in your computer or smartphone. It seems like a competition between IT firms and hackers. Providing the best security in windows 10 challenges hackers as well. Although security updates come to maintain the level of security for a secure user experience.

Security Features

The security of Microsoft operating systems was never so good before Windows 10. When it is said that Windows 10 is the most secure operating system many people are in doubt about that but the users who are using windows 10 know the fact. Some of the security features can be used in a specific situation.

In Windows 10 S, extreme security features are added to it. Basically, Windows 10 S is used for data entry and that’s why extra security features are added to it. Windows 10 built-in security features are created keeping the security needs of any organization in mind. Windows Defender add-ons and Microsoft’s Security Compliance Toolkit are a couple of features you will also experience in windows 10.

If you are worried about your data security or want your personal computer from cyber-attacks switch to windows 10 now. Feel free to visit Microsoft partners, Xcentric Services website store to get the best windows 10 price in Pakistan, and SQL Server 2017 prices for the best data management solutions. Moreover, you can get the best business solutions there such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Now let’s get back to the security features of Windows 10.

Windows Defender ATP

The Windows Defender basic tool protects your personal computer against spyware, viruses, and other malicious software.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ATP is a monitoring and analysis service add-on. It offers you features such as cloud base security analysis, machine learning, and behavioral sensors. These built-in security features in Windows 10 collect more information by linking security event information from various endpoints.

The information is then analyzed to improve security for Windows 10. With centralized management, detailed machine timelines and browser access histories the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ATP collects more security data for IT professionals for decision-making. It also consists of a simple management interface that allows IT professionals to implement necessary changes.

Moreover, every breach is an experience with Windows Defender ATP because IT professionals can collect suspect files that may have triggered the breach and submit the files to Microsoft’s threat intelligence team for further analysis. Windows Defender ATP can help to reduce the number of breaches by 40% and it will improve the speed of threat recognition and reaction times against the threat.

According to Microsoft, this tool can help IT professionals spend less time on security and breach management. The other add-ons of the Windows Defender else than ATP are Exploit Guard and Application guard. Although these add-ons are less prominent than ATP but are enlisted in the security features of Windows 10.

Exploit Guard is a set of host intrusion capabilities that are smart enough to lower the risk of any kind of breach by regulating folder access. On the other hand, the Application Guard is the Edge browser’s exclusive security feature that isolates browsing sessions from potential threats, including external services and apps. The application guard feature can be customized by the IT professional according to the needs of your business.

After reading this all, now you might have an idea of the security features of Windows 10. Don’t wait until you experience a breach just get your computer the most powerful existing operating system windows 10 for this, you can go to Xcentric Services website store to get the windows 10 price in Pakistan and SQL Server 2017 prices.







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