Windows 10 Striving to Be Awesome

John Smith

  • Jan 29, 2019

A new standard is set by Microsoft after launching the latest update in their operating system, Windows 10. The release of Windows 10 was a great success for Microsoft.

Many new features are added to the latest windows 10 Cortana, new start-up menu, and apps like Xbox. Cortana is added to the desktop for the first time, it was first seen in the Microsoft Windows Phone. The tiles from Windows 8 as the menu were not that much appreciated so Microsoft launches a new type of start menu consisting of the classic on column menu and tiles also. With these basic improvements, the Xbox app is added to the system to sync to your progress with your Xbox gaming console.

Plus you can also switch devices while playing games your data will be synced automatically. This function also works for different tasks on your PC and you can switch to your Windows 10 supported device. Windows 10 support more applications than the previous version of windows 8. Windows store is introduced in Windows 10.

If you want to buy something such as music, movies, games, or apps you can buy everything there and it will not only work in that device but it will work on all your devices such as Windows phones, tablets, and Xbox. Windows 10 is providing so much ease to the users meanwhile Microsoft is still working on making improvements for the best. Built-in apps allow the users to create 3D images and music composition on the windows 10 built-in applications.

The twenty years old windows internet explorer is replaced with the new Microsoft Edge. That means the services and updates of internet explorer are discontinued since 2015, it was started in 1995.

The multitasking feature is more improved in the new update of Microsoft Windows 10. With the help of multitasking, you can have more than one window open on your desktop. Windows have also added a feature for your laptops that can be switch to tablets. So when you disconnect the keyboard from your laptop the notification pops up to enable the tablet mode of the windows and when you connect it back you are switched to PC Mode back.

With the experience of Windows 10 more features and working of the windows is understood, so I suggest you to get your own copy of Microsoft Windows 10. Xcentric Services is selling all the updates of windows on their official website. Check the website to get Windows 10 Price in Pakistan.

Microsoft provides the best apps and features for home use and personal but keep the business criteria in mind, Microsoft is always up to bring something regarding business use. Windows 10 is a great operating system both for personal computing and for work as well. With the help of some add-ons, you can upgrade your personal computer for the database management business. Microsoft SQL server is a series of Data Base Management Systems that are serving in the field of data storage and data security.

SQL Server by Microsoft was created to race with the giants of the business such as IBM and Oracle and now Microsoft is listed among the top database management systems. If you are facing difficulties to store your data and worried about the security of the data you should visit Xcentric Services for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices. You will get the best SQL Server 2017 Prices at Xcentric Services website.







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