Make Your Computer Ready For Windows 10 1903 Update

John Smith

  • May 21, 2019

Microsoft is going to launch Windows 10 1903 feature update in May 2019. The feature update is said to be the seventh major update since the launch of the operating system.If you are not using Windows 10 do not forget to buy Windows 10 from the authenticate Microsoft Partners in Pakistan. You can get all the Microsoft products such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 price and Windows 10 Price in Pakistan.

Changes that Microsoft is making regarding feature release dates might mean rethinking how you manage update deferrals. Personally, I am a fan of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Windows as a service process that eliminates waiting for massive service packs, I do not want to leave it to Microsoft to believe if my system is ready for the update release or not. Microsoft should be commended for making necessary adjustments to deferrals and support windows, but it is confusing to keep track of feature update releases, their issues and what third-party programs they do not support.

Microsoft has provided more information about blocking issues that impact the rollout of feature releases. With Windows 10 1809, you can track the blocking issues at KB4464619.

If you wait until Microsoft declares a feature release for business, you should be careful that with the upcoming 1903 built Microsoft will no longer use the Semi-Annual Channel Targeted SAC-T or Semi-Annual Channel SAC designations. SAC-T indicated an early-stage feature release. When Microsoft believed that vendor support was wide enough, they affirmed the launch SAC.

If you had set your deferral settings to install feature releases after they were declared SAC, then the Microsoft update offered them to your machines if Windows Server Update Service (WSUS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or third-party patching tools did not manage your updates. As recently announced, Microsoft will no longer use the SAC-T and SAC designations. Instead, there will be one release date starting with 1903, and you can set deferrals from that date forward if you use Windows Update for business settings to defer feature releases.

Install May 2019 Update Only When Available Automatically

You can install a new version of Windows 10 in many different ways, but you can always reduce the chances of running into issues waiting until you receive the notification automatically to install it manually through Windows Update.

Mostly in the early days, users have to wait because feature updates are not fully linked with every hardware configuration, and because of this, Microsoft blocks the update in purpose to prevent problems.

If your computer is not getting the May 2019 Update notification automatically, chances are that it is yet not compatible with your configuration. Also, you can use the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant to force the upgrade, but you are most likely to see compatibility issues and errors.

When the new refresh for Windows 10 releases, it is recommended not to rush to install it, just wait until it becomes available automatically. Typically, you want to wait several months, or until it becomes available to organizations, which happens every four months. If you do not want to wait, use the following tips to minimize the chances of problems and errors trying to install the new feature update.

Make Recovery Plan Before Upgrading

It is very important to have a recovery plan before you start installing a new version of Windows 10 on your computer. You should always spend time to create a full backup of your device with the installation, settings, applications, and files in case you need to revert to a previous version.

While the upgrades usually complete without problems, and there are many built-in mechanisms to safely revert the changes if something isn’t working correctly, it is recommended to create a backup in case something fails, or you should at least make a copy of your personal files before proceeding.

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