Automatic installation of Apps and Games in Windows 10

John Smith

  • Dec 24, 2023

Whenever you put your computer in a state of readiness, you make a partition of Windows. There is a function in Windows 10 that you do not lose your prior important data of Games and Apps. It has the function of auto-updating, without any loss.

It has happened to me different times that I get worried about my data after I boot my system into a partition. But, these windows 10 lessens my worries about removing data, because of this special feature.

I find myself so careless that once my friend handed over his data for saving in my system. He is a photographer, so in a moment of a hurry (after the event) he showed some trust in me and told me to keep it safe for a few days.

I took responsibility with a huge smile on my face like I am the most responsible person in this world but I forgot to have a backup of data before booting my system.

That was the time I felt really ashamed in myself that was why I cannot manage all these major tasks in a time of emotional strain. I tried to calm myself in time and I was preparing myself to tell my friend that I have lost his data. So, it’s better to pay back the money which he had taken in advance of the event.

After having a glass of cold water from the fridge, my mind just clicked to me that I am a user of Windows 10 and all my data would be recovered. So, I do not need to worry anymore and! I also do not need to tell my friend about my sluggish act.

After that dozen times, I booted my Windows 10

but nothing was lost. Many times I thank one of our mutual friends who advised me to use Windows 10. The time when he told me windows 10 price in Pakistan was cheaper than today. The initial windows 10 price in Pakistan was $200 when it was released in 2015.

Other than this SQL server 2017 prices are lowered. Decline SQL server 2017 prices do not describe the failure of SQL server 2017. According to statistics, this server has been downloaded more than seven million times.

Windows 10 and SQL server 2017 helps you in managing your data. SQL Server improves the performance of your overall system by overviewing and identifying the dimensions with the help of the Adaptive Query Process.   

All this upgrading happens in quickly so that you do not even lose your data and you lose your time. With the help of Windows 10 and SQL servers, you can make connections with many other different computers that can help you in several ways and productivity could be enhanced.

In many businesses, SQL servers and Windows 10 are playing an important role in bringing out better results. As I said, it helps in connecting people so customers can be contacted with the help of SQL servers. SQL Server 2017 can be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, Linux Docker, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux.

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