Windows 10 Offering Easy Access to Linux Files

John Smith

  • May 02, 2019

Microsoft kept introducing new features for its operating system Windows 10, it’s been four years since the operating systems in serving computers yet new.

With the latest upcoming update of Microsoft 2019 major feature update, Windows 10 brings a long-awaited feature for Linux Users: Support to easily access, view and even edit Windows Subsystem Files for Linux WSL from the file explorer or via the command line.

Earlier, it was possible to recall your Linux files in your App Data folder but Microsoft advises against that. Editing files here would break things. Now, there is an official way and easier to access these files with Windows tools, without risk of destruction!

If you are using any other operating system such as Linus or iOS in your computer even if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 in your computer right now, let me tell you something you literally are missing the fun. With the new features, Windows 10 should be your pick. Well if you already made your mind to upgrade your Windows you are welcome to check Xcentric Services website, you can get Windows 10 price in Pakistan. It is tough to find authenticate Microsoft products in Pakistan, Xcentric Services is partners with Microsoft and offers all the original Microsoft products for the users in Pakistan.

Microsoft Company representative explained for the users how it works, Rather than accessing these files directly, Windows runs a Plan 9 server in the WSL software in the background. Windows 10 has a Windows service and driver that act as a client and talk to the Plan9 server. This server translates your file operations and handles Linux metadata such as file permissions, ensuring that everything works properly even when you access a file with Windows tool but that’s all that’s complicated in the background and you will not have to think about it.

You can open a file explorer window directly in the current directory from a Linux shell environment. Just type the following command in the Bash shell:


You can work with files normally from here. Use drag-and-drop, copy and paste them, or open them directly in Windows applications for editing.

Microsoft can change the way it works in the future. But, for the moment, you can also type the following path in an explorer window to access the files of a Linux distribution:

\ wsl $

In other words, if you use the Ubuntu Bash shell, you must type:

\ wsl $ Ubuntu

It also works from the command line, of course. In PowerShell or the command prompt, the cd \ wsl $ Debian command is used to change to the root directory of your installed Debian system.

The Windows subsystem for Linux users wanted this feature for a long time. In 2016, a Microsoft spokesperson wrote that he had to warn people not to access their Linux files in the file explorer at least two or three times a day. Now it is finally possible to work with these files without risking breaking something.

Microsoft users who were using Linux as well for different purposes can now enjoy full integration of Linux files by using the most powerful operating system Windows 10. It is said that more changes will be made for a better user experience regarding Linux file access.

So stay connected to the Microsoft family through Windows 10 and enjoy all the features offered by the operating system but if you are not using Windows 10 right now for any reason you have to visit Xcentric Store to get the original Windows 10 price in Pakistan. You can also check other Microsoft products as well such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365.







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