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John Smith

  • Apr 08, 2019

Not just for professional use but Microsoft created something so huge that it also facilitates the gamers. Windows 10 game bar is everything a gamer needs.

Microsoft Windows 10 game bar is a feature that allows gamers to record their gameplay on the computer. Recently! The Game bar has changed a little bit after the Windows 10 game bar Creators Update. The toolbar in the application which helps in capturing in-game activities now allows gamers to stream their game live at Microsoft Beam Service. Some more changes have been made to stabilize the performance of the application and we will discuss them later.

If you already checked out the Game Bar you might know these things about it but if you have no idea about the application here is everything you need to know about the game bar. First off all this feature is available on Windows 10 only. That means if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your computer you will miss the fun. To get Windows 10 you can visit the Xcentric Services website where you can get the best Windows 10 price.

Let’s talk about some basic features and offerings of the Windows 10 game bar.

Windows 10 Game Bar basics

To open the Game Bar in Windows 10, just press the Windows key + G. This shortcut will help you open game bar in Windows. Keep in mind that there are very fewer games that support full screen in the game bar. You have to go to settings and change the video mode to windowed or full-screen for the game bar to appear.

Once the Game Bar is open, you will see a row of seven buttons. Mentioned below:

  • Open the Xbox app
  • Take a screenshot
  • Record the last 30 seconds of gameplay
  • Start a recording
  • Start a Beam broadcast
  • Settings
  • Move

You have to keep that in mind if you want to save the last 30 seconds of your gameplay, you have to enable background recording first. The record button will change its shade to grey once the recording is enabled, it just needs a simple click now to start screen recording of your gameplay.

Where are the recordings saved?

By default, the videos are saved in C:\Users\[YourName]\Videos\Captures. To change the save recording location, move the Captures folder to a different directory.

For live Beam broadcasting, hit the button that will open a quick-settings menu, there you can do settings according to you just before starting the stream. While you are streaming online, the stream will be visible at the beam. pro/[YourGamerTag].

Here you have to note one more thing. If the Game Bar is not open, or it will not open because you are playing the game in full-screen mode. You can still capture video and take screenshots. To start or stop recording video, you have to press Win + Alt + R. It will record just the last 30 seconds of gameplay, press Win + Alt + G. if you are willing to take a screenshot, press Win + Alt + PrtScn.

Windows 10 game bar is coming with a new feature update very soon among other features, it is said that the game bar is also going to get some new alterations. What else will come in the game bar now? To experience the new features get April 2019 Windows 10 update, which is almost ready to roll out by Microsoft for users.

As mentioned before the game bar feature is just for Windows 10 game bar and if you are thinking to get Windows 10 prices in Pakistan to compare the costs of different versions of Windows 10 or you made up your mind to buy it, just visit the Xcentric Services website to get it.







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