Windows 10 April Update Ready To Roll Out

John Smith

  • Apr 01, 2019

Technology giant Microsoft is taking final steps to roll out April 2019 update of Windows 10. Some major changes are going to take place with the update.

To experience the upcoming update and enjoy its feature you are supposed to use Windows 10 on your computer if you are not using Windows 10 you have to get one for your computer. Don’t worry! Xcentric Services has all original Microsoft products. All you have to do is to visit Xcentric Store and get a good Windows 10 price in Pakistan.

Now let’s talk about the major changes that will be experienced with the upcoming feature update.


New Features


New Design Login Background

The login background of Windows 10 will look blurred, it is to increase your focus on the login. You can change the blur setting of the login background in Windows 10 personalization settings.

New Search & Cortana Menu

In the new update the search menu and the voice assistant, Cortana will be working separately. The search will handle queries within your computer and Cortana will answer you via the internet.

Redesigned Start Menu

The redesigned one column layout of Start Menu makes it a lot more attractive. If you were willing to use the old style start menu, this will give you a glimpse of it. You can change the start menu design according to your likes.

Action Center

Action Center will offer a new brightness slider. Now you can adjust the brightness level of your screen with the slider which will be present in the action center.

Light Theme

After the dark theme, a summer light theme will be launched in the upcoming feature update. You have to go to Settings > Personalization > Colors and choose Light by yourself from the dropdown.

Automatic Troubleshooting

The option of automatic troubleshooting is going to be added in the new update and if you avail this option Windows 10 can perform automatic troubleshooting, and even suggest helpful fixes. Troubleshoot settings will be consisting of a new section named as Recommended troubleshooting. It can automatically fix some of the critical issues your computer is facing. You can choose among three options for this recommended troubleshooting.

Windows Sandbox

This new feature of the coming update will allow you to run untrusted applications safely in your computer. This function makes sure that the untrusted applications will not harm your computer. The best part of this feature is that it uses hardware virtualization, and Microsoft’s Hypervisor and without any user interference to create a virtual environment.

Windows Security

Enhanced Windows security features are added to the update and the protection history of the feature will show all the detections and the matters that need your attention. Moreover, Windows Security has added another feature named Tamper Protection. It safeguards your computer from others to avoid any kind of interference with essential security features.

Linux in Windows

With the release of the new update, you will be able to access Linux files from Windows and commands to manage Linux distributions.

Microsoft Windows 10 upcoming April 2019feature update is going to be huge, right now, Windows Insiders are testing the update so that Microsoft will serve the best to its users. This version of the update is 1903 and it is also named 19H1.

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