Windows 10 2019 First Update

John Smith

  • Mar 07, 2019

Xcentric Services website store : Windows 10 was said to be the most powerful operating system when it was launched and still Microsoft is trying to keep windows 10 in the same position.

With the latest technologies, the competitors usually take your position from you but Microsoft is not letting any other take the position of Windows 10. With the new updates, Microsoft keeps Windows 10 up to date according to the trends and technology going around. Most importantly the changes are made on the user feedback and what users really want.

It is noticed that Microsoft launches a couple of major updates every year. This year Microsoft is planning to launch 19H1 and 19H2 Windows 10 updates. There is no news about the 19H2 update but there are some exciting things about the 19H1 update and the writing will be about the new features of the update.

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Getting back on the update so it is said that the update will be out in April 2019 as the previous rumors. Let’s see some amazing features that are said to be launching in the upcoming update.

Start Menu & Notification Panel Light Mode

To enhance the beauty and an attractive user interface Microsoft is putting light mode to the start menu and the notification panel. The light mode will be available for the taskbar, Action Center, touch keyboard, popups, and related menus and buttons. The light theme gives a sense of neatness and modernity, working on this beautified theme keeps you refreshed.

New Layout For Start Menu

After the addition of light mode in the start menu, the update will also bring some changes to the layout of the start menu. The present start menu is too bold and has so many tiles on it but after the update, users will experience a simple layout with fewer tiles.

More Fluent Design

Microsoft tends to make your desktop pretty, so Microsoft is launching a fluent design to windows 10 upcoming update. Context menus and popups come with a drop shadow effect which matches the light theme brilliantly. Moreover, the addition of acrylic blur on the login screen gives a very smooth eye-catching view.

Improved quick actions in Action Center

By improving quick actions in the action center the user will be able to edit the options right there, he will not visit the computer setting to change or edit the options in quick action. For the brightness, the button is replaced by the dedicated slider.

New Office Hub

Microsoft is also improving the built-in office hub app with a new look. The app highlights the recent documents and the Microsoft Office web apps. Its new look seems to be more decent and you can get to the recent documents very quickly.

These are some main features that are said to be coming with the 19H1 update. Let see what else is coming with the new update. If you are not using windows 10 switch your personal computer to windows 10 because in 2020 the support for windows 10 will be ended that will leave your computer insecure. To get windows 10 visit the Xcentric Services online website store to have windows 10 prices in Pakistan. Moreover, you can get Microsoft  SQL Server 2017 prices as well.







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