Win at E-Commerce this Holiday Season with these tips

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 24, 2019

Rewind to a few decades ago; Physical stores had their retail empire, but unfortunately, most of them are left behind with shut doors. Fast forward to today, every brand is on its  journey of becoming a successful E-Commerce Store.

However, being a small business, you might be too focused on day-to-day tasks that the Holiday Season may seem too far away. But here’s a reminder – It’s the perfect time to start planning Social Media Marketing in Pakistan strategies and Financing Strategies. So to give your customers an astounding holiday shopping experience, before you put your arms in this battle of the E-Commerce giants, keep in mind these tips!

Mark every Shopping Holiday on your Radar                               

Around the year, there are some most prominent commerce days on which the customers are willing to spend what they’ve saved. For an E-Commerce Store, these are the days to take advantage of potential customers. Holiday seasons are all about sales when everyone is shopping for unique gifts but is not looking forward to facing the crowd at a jam-packed retail shop. E-commerce So take hold of customers willing to buy online, by planning out appealing promotions and checking shopping holidays on your radar so that you never miss out on them!

The year-long calendar of Shopping Holidays now includes;

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • New Year

Personalize for your Benefit

Personalization is one of those E-Commerce trends that can shape your success in 2020. It is when a sales associate offers a product or communicates with a customer, using their name. To begin with, start collecting the basics; Customer’s Name and their Email. However, asking customers for this information isn’t easy, so to encourage them to share the info, offer them in return a 10% off on their first purchase or a free shipping code.  

Once you’ve gathered the info, you can always use it in different spaces to give the customers a Personalized E-Commerce experience. For example; Welcome customers with their name, remind them about products which they’ve added to their wishlist and inquire about their satisfaction.

Make Social Selling a Strategy

By the end of 2019, Social Media platforms have taken over more than 30% of our time. In a similar essence, it is noticeable that Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping are the new trends under the umbrella term Social Selling. Moreover, this strategy is also a marketing win because it often gets the customers to share your product on their newsfeed.

On the other hand, listing your products on every social media platform isn’t an effective way to sell, consider being more strategic!

For example; Identify the platform where most of your audience is and then focus on creating a shopping experience that pairs perfectly with the platform. Moreover, get your products photographed if your audience is on Instagram and if Customer Service is your main focus get on Facebook Shop because it allows you to integrate Messenger as a top-notch Customer Support.

Integrate Voice Searches and Virtual Assistants                                                      

Integrating Voice Searched and Virtual Assistants with your E-Commerce Store is the simplest step to reach tech-savvy consumers. The key to excelling at these tools is by integrating them with your SEO strategies. Consider what questions the consumer might ask while performing voice searches.

Imagine a scenario; a customer performing voice search is asking a question; “What are the Best Christmas Sales on TVs?” While on the other hand, you’ve been using the keyword “Best Christmas Sales on TVs” Getting the difference? Here, what you can do; Shift from using keywords to answering questions.

Predict what questions the customers might have while shopping online, to use them for molding your content and metadata accordingly. This way, a shopper will be able to find your E-Store on the search engines much conveniently. 

Fast and Free Shipping are the eye-candy for Customers

Fast and Free Shipping are the two terms that can make or break your customers’ online shopping decisions. According to researches, 47% of customers are likely to abandon their carts if the shipping cost isn’t free. Contrarily, around 51% of costumers add up additional products to their carts to meet the free shipping minimum. So this holiday season, get into the game and meet the demands of your customers (Read: Your Goals).

Get serious about Mobile Commerce

In this tech-savvy era, consumers are becoming more comfortable with shopping on smartphones. Increasing the opportunities of growing in Mobile Commerce. The Millenials have always been short on time, so who you think has time to get on a laptop for buying online?

Mobile is now a larger piece of the E-Commerce Pie, so you may need to focus on optimizing your store for mobiles first, even before desktop. Moreover, Checkout is one area you need to focus more on by making sure that the customers don’t have to re-enter their payment and shipping information on every purchase. Make the Mobile-Online shopping experience of your customers as convenient as you can this Shopping Season and get an edge over your competitors.


Wins don’t come easy, so make sure that you tap into all these recommended tips and tricks. Moreover, focusing on these technologies by the end of 2019 will help you win the grounds of 2020’s Holiday Season like The Vitamin Company Marketing did. Need some help to up your game in the E-Commerce industry? Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services.







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