Will SEO Marketing Stay Alive In 2023?

Sumayya Shahid

  • Feb 14, 2023

With the algorithm updates that Google has introduced in the past few years, the SEO game has also evolved drastically. So far, the major algorithm updates were related to SEO Marketing, which took place between the period of 2010 and 2019. But ever thought about the updates in 2020, 2021, and 2022? Well, those updates related to page experience, multitasking, and helpful content changed the way people interacted with search results.

Over the past few years, Google has strengthened its security, so it’s safe to say that it can no longer be manipulated. However, the changes that Google constructs every time make it difficult for business owners to understand SEO practices. At this point, we offer a helping hand to business owners. SEO Consultants at Xcentric keep themselves informed with the latest updates in Google’s Algorithm and target SEO strategies for our clients accordingly. Although we are well aware that people think that with strict guidelines, SEO Marketing may fade away in 2023. BUT, the truth is that it is only evolving. In this blog, we are going to address the myth and uncover the ways we are leveraging new updates to help boost the SEO rankings of our clients so that they dominate the SERPs.


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4 Optimization Tactics We Use To Revive SEO

As discussed earlier, SEO is not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, it is evolving and growing BIG. One of the major changes that have happened in SEO is the focus. In the past years, businesses and marketers used to focus on just landing top results in search engines. However, now, SEO Marketing is focused on creating content that is user-friendly and based on user research.

Well,  this happened because people began to use Google more often and as more content got published, users began getting more conscious of which content they want to consume.  Businesses that opt for the Professional SEO Services we provide at Xcentric can still gain leads because we keep the SEO Marketing strategies in check – no matter which updates Google drops in. Need some more convincing before you trust us with your SEO strategies? Keep on reading the blog to know how we can help you rank higher on search engines in 2023 and beyond, while others keep thinking that SEO is dead.

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1. User Experience

Google’s focus from SEO metrics, backlinks, and keyword density, is now diverted fully to user experience. In simple words, this means that user experience is now the priority for effective SEO Marketing. To make it even more understandable, here’s an example: if a business’s website aligns with every SEO metric, but users hate it, it won’t rank well in the long run. Consider yourself as someone using that website, if it is not giving the results you searched for, would you stick around? Absolutely not.

Xcentric has a team of the Best SEO Experts In Lahore and content creators that excel in writing articles, blogs, and product descriptions for clients’ businesses. We keep a check on what type of content our client’s customers consume on the internet and plan out the content accordingly. Content that is fit for both – the SEO metrics and user experience, is posted on their website. After all, it’s the users who control how a website ranks on Google.

2. Specific Niche

Having a specific niche in SEO Marketing enables your users to recognize your brand and what you are offering – a product or a service. So, it’s better to stick to one niche at a time to ensure that the target audience is not confused. Explaining it with an example, if a marketing agency like Xcentric starts posting blogs and articles related to food or fashion, it is going to confuse the audience. In fact, Google also prefers topic-specific websites because they keep users excited.

Given the point that we have mentioned above and the constant changes in SEO Marketing, businesses should now stick to one niche. Hence, when it comes to our clients and their SEO strategies, we make sure that they target one specific niche for ranking on SERPs. Alongside that, our optimization experts also make sure that the client is meeting its ranking goals – which are mostly higher conversions and customer engagement.

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3. Search Intent

Google is putting effort more than ever into user experience and it’s no surprise. If users have a good experience on a website, they are sure to visit it again sooner or later. With this in mind, the search giant has chosen to induce personalization, so that people can be happy with the results they get. Therefore, the high-quality content and keywords – that play a huge part in SEO Marketing – are kept interesting and focused by us.

To help businesses rank well on Google, Xcentric provides Affordable SEO Services in Lahore that mainly concentrates on making content for client’s businesses by keeping the following intents in mind:

  • If a user is planning to purchase something
  • If a user is seeking to gain knowledge about a specific topic
  • If a user is trying to locate a specific website
  • If a user is checking for purchasing preferences

All in all, we make sure that we make content for our clients by keeping the above-mentioned intents in mind. It helps us rank our client’s websites at the top of SERPs. This attention to detail is what makes us the Best SEO Company in Pakistan. Rest assured, with us having your back, your website will make its way to the #1 rank on search engines.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The involvement of advanced technologies in the digital world has opened many gates and one of them leads to artificial intelligence. So, when it comes to SEO Marketing, it is highly important to understand the user intent, voice search, and even Google’s personalization features. Since users are expecting fast results, companies like Google and Apple rely on artificial intelligence to keep up with customer demands.

Optimization experts at Xcentric help businesses excel in the SEO world because they stay updated with the latest trends and updates. Just like every Top SEO Company in Pakistan, we make the best out of artificial intelligence – ChatBots and OpenAI, to help our clients gain maximum customers. We believe that artificial intelligence is the future and will help make SEO strategies work better, by making search engines quicker and more automated.

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Google makes changes every year so that its users are fully satisfied. With the digital world evolving and people moving more and more towards browsing, one can also expect more updates in the incoming years. However, there is one thing we are certain about – SEO Marketing is not dead and will never be. It just adapts according to Google’s algorithms. Nonetheless, search engine optimization is going to stick around as long as search engines do because it helps point out what a user wants. We at Xcentric provide SEO Packages in Lahore that you can invest in and let go off the worry of SEO changing every now and then. Our experts will take care of EVERYTHING related to SEO Marketing.







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