6 Reasons Why You Need A WhatsApp Business Marketing Strategy

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 15, 2020


We’ve all been using the messenger application – WhatsApp, as a private and convenient space to converse. However, what hasn’t caught the attention of many marketers in Pakistan is WhatsApp Business Marketing. Being a digital marketing agency, we believe that there are countless reasons why they need to focus on it. Our marketing team at Xcentric Services has already started using WhatsApp for Business Promotion of clients. It’s your turn now!

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging platform. It allows users to send text messages, make audio and video calls, send pictures, videos, and much more. And above all, these chat are all encrypted end-to-end. Today, the platform has evolved into a place where global conversations take place. Moreover, many media formats have also been combined in the platform, making it a source of entertainment too.

You might be thinking that building an audience on WhatsApp is too hard. It won’t be if you hire us to plan out your WhatsApp Business Marketing Strategy. Already have a list of customers with their email addresses and contact numbers?

Let us take charge of the list. We’ll find out whether they are on WhatsApp or not and invite them. Moreover, we’ll make sure to not sound intrusive when sending WhatsApp messages. We understand that well-time and relevant messaging is the way ahead.

Still Not Convinced Of WhatsApp Business Marketing?”

Here are six reasons why it needs to be on your digital marketing radar RIGHT NOW!

1. Widely-Used Messenger Application

According to stats, WhatsApp connects around two billion users across the globe. This makes it one of the most popular messenger applications of 2020. Imagine targeting such a huge audience base? On top of it, when our team takes care of your WhatsApp Marketing, the platform will be leveraged the right way. They’ll have one-to-one conversations with your target audience to engage them and grow your business.

whatsapp use

2. Chat Are Preferred Over Calls

Reaching out to today’s savvy customers means communicating with them the way they want. And that’s clearly chatting – for most of the Millennials and Gen Z-ers. With what we’ve analyzed, around 90% of people in Pakistan use SMS services. They use their mobile phones to text, rather than making a call. Hence, we consider it vital to have a marketing strategy that communicates their way.

However, with this comes the responsibility of being available for the customers on WhatsApp 24/7. You can leave that on the shoulders of team Xcentric. We understand how crucial it is to communicate with the customers. And we’ll do it on your behalf whenever customers reach out with a query!

3. High User Engagement ​​

Whenever we’ve targeted campaigns on messenger applications, the engagement rates have always been incredible. Talking of WhatsApp specifically, around 98% of messages are opened and read. And almost 80% of them are responded in three to five seconds.

Hence, in all probability, your message will be read too. However, we don’t rely on messages only. To drive user engagement for our clients, we put up engaging status updates too. The feature works the same as displaying your product in-store. Once the customer views it, two-way communications are initiated. As a result, customers feel more connected to our clients.

4. Highly-Segmented Audience ​​​​

Even though many agencies believe that WhatsApp Marketing is intrusive, we don’t let that happen. It all boils down to how you plan the strategy and communicate with the target audience. Our approach to marketing on WhatsApp is permission-based marketing. 

We don’t simply send out messages to our client’s contact list. We ask their audience to share their numbers by subscribing to their newsletters. Or we go the other way around and ask them to message our client first. You must be thinking HOW? By holding contests that require the customer to message on WhatsApp. Precisely, we create a major FOMO.

However, in both scenarios, we make sure to respect the target audiences’ right to respond to the message. The result? We’ll have a highly-segmented target audience base that is actually interested in what you offer.

5. Personalized Conversations

One-to-one communication channels have always been a favorite of most of our clients. They help us cater to the unique interests and needs of the customers. Therefore, making our client’s message more relevant and authentic.

For instance; one of our clients is an online cloth retailer. We connect to their customers on WhatsApp to know their design preferences. Once we built that trust element, we started sending relevant messages highlighting – New Arrivals and Summer Sale.

personal whatsapp

6. Diverse Features

Other than sending out personalized messages to the customers on behalf of our client, we leverage this WhatsApp features too;

  • Groups – They help us bring together like-minded customers to get product reviews and share deals, etc.
  • Broadcast – Using this feature, we send messages to the recipients in the client’s broadcast list. It is a great way to announce a new product launch and create brand awareness.


WhatsApp Business for Marketing can be turned into a huge opportunity if you have the right expertise. The platform is an exceptional medium to provide the best customer services, answer queries, and notify order statuses. So, if you are ready to use the platform optimally, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services. Our team will help you deliver the best of everything to your customers!







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