Why Windows 10 Is Best Suit For Your Computer

John Smith

  • Feb 28, 2019

A very well-known IT Company, Microsoft once started a series of operating systems which is getting better, and right now users are taking advantage of Windows 10.

Microsoft is famous for its operating systems and in every era of technology the company has provided some awesome technologies to its users. From the originals now Microsoft is allowing users to experience the mightiness of windows 10 which is also said to be the versatile and powerful operating system.

From young users to adults and professionals that are connected to any kind of business windows 10 is providing the best features with a beautiful interface.

If you are a gamer and want to integrate your personal computer with your gaming console, Windows 10 allows you to connect your Xbox gaming console with your computer by the Xbox App in the operating system. After connecting you can save your game progress and check on your achievements. This is only a slight glimpse of the Xbox App in Windows 10.

If you are not using windows 10 you are missing the fun on your desktop. Upgrade your personal computer to windows 10 and have the best user experience. In Pakistan, there is an issue of finding original Microsoft products even after paying the amount sometimes you get a fake copy of any of Microsoft product because no authenticate Microsoft store but the Xcentric Services is now partners with Microsoft and has the whole range of Microsoft products for the Microsoft users in Pakistan.

Don’t worry about the authenticity of the products for more guidance you can surf the Xcentric Services website store and get the best windows 10 price in Pakistan.

Right now you will know about some new apps in windows 10. Some apps were already present in the previous versions of windows but Microsoft redesigned the apps and added some more functionalities and beauty to them. The apps like a windows Photo viewer, windows media player, and internet explorer are now ready to be replaced by Photos, Groove, and Edge windows browser. Although the older version of the apps is currently working who knows maybe Microsoft replaces them.

Some new apps are also added for different purposes such as Paint 3D, Cortana, Mail, and People. The Photos app helps to view photos and edit a little of them and the Groove app is to play tracks for you. The Edge browser has almost replaced the old internet explorer and the Edge is said to be one of the powerful browsers right now.

Paint 3D allows the graphic designers and other people related to the field to open the 3D images in the app plus they can also edit the 3D images as well. The addition of Cortana has really improved the search in windows 10. Just like Apple Siri Microsoft launched Cortana that is the voice assistant of windows and it is also a search tool in windows 10.

Before windows, 10 Cortana was experienced by windows phone users. The name Cortana is generated from the character in the game Halo. These are some major improvements in apps if it sounds cool to you to get your personal computer upgraded to windows. You can know the windows 10 price in Pakistan by visiting the Xcentric Services website store.

Make up your mind because sooner Windows 7 support will be discontinued. That means your personal computer will be at the risk of security compromises. It is said that this will happen in the upcoming year 2020. So you better switch to windows 10 before the windows 7 support ends and experience the best operating system in the world.







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