Why talk when you have Chatbots?

kashif ali

  • Sep 02, 2019

“Robots are invading our lives only to make it easier, better and less stressful” – Watching that in Jetsons and Richie Rich cartoons must have fascinated you, or at least it had us all awestricken with how robots did all the talking and handling while humans had fun. And now it’s like a dream come true in 2019 when chatbots and artificial intelligence are all over the place. Today, whether its about Social Media Management or Online Reputation Management, the chatbots can handle it all.

Chatbots for different Fields

Other than its pro-tech coolness, chatbots have really made a name for their cool features in different fields. The biggest hit of using chatbots is that it can cater to customers round the clock. Worried about customers who’ve been hating to repeat the queries at every step of the customer care and end up abandoning your brand? Chatbots have got you covered, and surely, you won’t lose a loyal customer next time to such issues. 

Machines, however, record the data and reply as far as they are fed to. Then transfer all their information to the customer care representatives who can take it from there. The customer is saved from the tedious cycle all at once, consequently, making their experience enjoyable.

In this fast track life, getting frustrated is very common, but with someone bringing you business, not a wise thing to do. So another plus with chatbots is that it does not lose its patience even with the most annoying of your customers.

Your customer can be angry or frustrated because their order was late, the services you provided weren’t up to their expectations. Or maybe they felt ignored, a chatbot will always treat them with politeness and regard. And they don’t give in to their feelings, you know why? Because they have none, to begin with.

These machines are time efficient too. While a human being will address one or maybe two customers at a time. AI is perfectly capable of handling multiple customers simultaneously. Reducing your time as well as the cost of customer care and makes your customers/ clients happy along the way.

Social Media Marketing

Too fell for this latest technology head over heels. This beautiful machine helps in creating personalized advertisements for users, boosting their sales. While Digital Media is primarily focused on targeting the right audience at the right time and the latest trends to strategize a brand’s YouTube Marketing Services in Pakistan, Facebook Marketing Services, Instagram Marketing, and much more.

Chatbots come in handy to track customer purchase patterns, their likes and their inclination towards certain subjects. Services, and products that give the leads to marketers who use it for fore marketing. It also proves useful in improving engagement and conversion rates. Regardless of how rapidly the social media algorithms change and the cut-throat competition in the market.

One of the latest chatbots these days is OhWhatAChat, with the perfect use of software, artificial intelligence, and NLP. This bot chats with people using tailored and cognitive replies when individuals make frequent questions.

You might need an SEO specialist here to assist you with the keywords. And trending questions related to your company so that you prepare your bot accordingly. Any further question, outside the Chatbot’s scope, will straight away direct to human beings.

If it sounds cool and perfect for your business but you don’t know how to proceed with it, no big deal. Chicago is home to multiple well-reputed digital agencies. So get in touch with a Digital Marketing Company that can set you on track with the latest technology.







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