4 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is MUST For Businesses

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 30, 2019


A consistent question asked throughout 2019, should a brand put efforts into Social Media Marketing? Yes, it’s worth the effort. It is a must in this technological world, leaving behind all the classic marketing methods, which are only a one-time cost returned. In this tech-driven era, where people spend more than half of their day scrolling on their phones, the idea of marketing through a television advertisement seems doubtful. If your customers are on Social Media, so is your Competition.

Brands not already on it – Here’s why Social Media is a Great Marketing Channel for you.

1. Builds your Brand Image and Reputation

Social Media can make customers more receptive to your brand, keeping in view the fact that they’re active there. Building a Brand Image and Reputation is very important to get customers engaged with your brand and also to generate sales. But this is not only about it if you’re not present there, it is very likely to happen that you’ll never know how many people have been passing on negative reviews about your brand.  Plus, going to every other person and giving them a response over their bad experience doesn’t sound practical. Here’s where social media marketing comes to the rescue!

Negative reviews can cost you your brand’s goodwill, which is all fun and games until it decreases your sales. As a brand, it’s your primary responsibility to mingle with the audience through Social Media Marketing, who is ultimately going to be in a relationship with your brand. Increase your brand visibility on these Platforms and convert your negative reviews into positive ones. Positive Reviews are all you need in this era to build a good reputation, where the first thing every millennial does before buying from a brand is go through their reviews.

2. Marketing Research made Easy Peasy and Inexpensive

Traditional Marketing tools required professional knowledge, but that’s not the case with Social Media Marketing. Marketing Research was considered expensive and time taking, but now social media has taken a toll on all other research methods. Just spare some time from watching Netflix, to experimenting with Google forms and Polls on Instagram or Facebook.

Monitoring what your competitors are up to, and what your audience wishes to have next, social media can do both these jobs very well for you. And guess what? You won’t even have to pay for this job. Plan social media marketing strategies smartly and get on these applications, do your researches, and level up your business.

Social Media Marketing

3. Impressive Part: Your Reach can be Global

Reaching new heights, and getting new leads and recognition worldwide is the dream of every Brand. You’re sharing great news and knowledge over your website continuously, but this isn’t helping you increase your engagement rate. If yes, then you need to consider investing in Social Media Marketing.

It is all about getting people to engage with the content, initially published on your website. Once your content goes viral on any of these channels, no one can stop you from reaching new heights, globally. The cherry on top, if you’re doing SEO, social media can be a big help. It creates a strong link with your website content. Beyond that, it is strongly recommended that you gain as much engagement as your competitors, through Social Media, to compete at your best.

4. Social Media Existence Matters to Job Seekers

In this virtual world, where recruitment has been made easy for organizations through platforms like LinkedIn, job seekers have a demand too. Gone are the days when job opportunities were published in a newspaper. Millennials are all dependent on their smartphones, from newspapers to television, they have it all in there. Thinking about how do they get to know about the jobs?

Social Media Marketing helps them know about different job opportunities and trends in their interested field of work. The very first thing every candidate does is, visit the company’s profile. They do so, to get an idea about their culture, values, and how they treat their employees. So, the conclusion is, you need to exist on these channels, showing that you’re taking an interest in the newly emerging world of digital recruitment.

The influence of Digital Marketing signals that you should start paying more attention to getting viral on Social Media, rather than just chasing the classic goals. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to develop social media marketing that will help your brand ace social media platforms.







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