Why Should You Hire A Facebook Marketing Agency In Pakistan?

kashif ali

  • Nov 26, 2021

When was the last time you looked at your Facebook page and could tell that you are taking full advantage of what the platform offers? Almost everyone knows that Facebook has grown into a marketing channel allowing businesses to get some sales through it. With its prominent success, it makes sense for you to hire a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan and take your chance on the social media platform. Being one, we at Xcentric have covered this blog for convincing businesses of the benefits of B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook. So, before you get on board with us, take a deep dive into the benefits of investing in our Facebook Promotion Packages.

Facebook Marketing – The Benefits Of Investing In it

Even if you have been managing a Facebook feed and posting on it regularly, you cannot always hit the right spot on targeting marketing strategies. It takes a whole lot of time, effort, and a mind of a Facebook Marketing Expert to make everything work. Hence, end the stress and manage it all by investing in our Facebook Marketing Packages that provide the following benefits:


Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan

1. B2B & B2C Targeting

Facebook is not only for marketing a business to customers. It also works great when it comes to marketing a business to another business. In fact, according to statistics, business decision-makers spend more time on social media platforms than others. Hence, no matter if your target audience is other businesses or customers, being Facebook Marketing Partners, we will have you covered with the right strategies and Facebook PPC Marketing strategies.

2.  Multiple Engagement Ways

The robust Ad formats, scaling capabilities and targeting options that Facebook offers can be aligned with any type of marketing strategy. So, for clients who want their brand to be known, we target different types of Web Design Facebook Ads and leverage sponsored stories. They increase the interest of their target audience without sounding pushy and too promotional, which is a win-win for their investment in reasonable Facebook Ad Management Packages.

3.   Target Audience Transparency

Being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we believe that the social media platform is transparent and offers better targeting capabilities compared to others. To be precise, marketing on Facebook is not like hitting a target in the dark.

Instead, when targeting strategies, our marketing team providing Facebook Agency Support has high-level control, and the target audience is transparent. Thus, ensuring that every strategy will be targeted to the right audience – at the right time.

Facebook Marketing Agency In Pakistan

4.    Facebook Live

Often, we have businesses coming to us with a limited budget for investing in Facebook Marketing Services. To boost their brand awareness and increase conversions, we use Facebook Live as a marketing tool. The users of the platform are known to watch videos every day, and the trend is not going away any time soon. Therefore, rather than posting pre-recorded videos as posts on the client’s Facebook Feed, we suggest they go LIVE.

Now, the next question that might pop up in your mind would be – what to show in it? Well, creativity has no limits for the marketing team at Xcentric. Unlike other Facebook Marketing Agencies that take the back seat after targeting marketing campaigns, we will help beyond them.  Our team will have your back during the LIVE sessions on Facebook, in covering behind-the-scenes, product launches, and much more.

5.     Engage With Stories

In terms of figures, around 1 billion stories are shared on Facebook every day. It is popular to such an extent that Mark Zuckerberg himself claims that Facebook Stories play a huge role in the success of social media marketing. Hence, at Xcentric, we have made creation of stories a part of our Facebook Advertising Packages.

The current users of Facebook also consider Stories as the new newsfeed. They consistently share the events of their day-to-day life using the feature. Also, as the stories are happening in real time, the engagement comes instantly. As a Facebook Advertising Agency, we leverage this feature of Facebook for marketing our clients on the platform. It works well and always generates some real conversions – and sales.

6.     Tracking Customer Journey

Understanding the customers on a deep level is essential for businesses, and for that, they need to track their journey. However, tracking the customer journey can be a tricky process – which needs to be done right. By hiring Xcentric as your Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, you will be able to track the journey of your customers.

But how? With the attribution tool of Facebook that the marketing team at our Messenger Marketing Agency uses when marketing the clients on the platform. It allows viewing all the touch points such as reviews, Ads, landing pages, posts, and much more. In a nutshell, it shows a clear picture of the customer journey. Therefore, allowing us to better measure the conversions, value of sales through the marketing channel and make the most out of Facebook Marketing Prices the client has paid.

Facebook Marketing Agency In Pakistan

Need Help With Facebook Marketing?

Targeting strategies for B2C and B2B Maketing On Facebook takes time, effort and is tricky. However, you do not need to worry when Xcentric has you covered. We are a leading Facebook Marketing Company with a team of Facebook Marketing Consultants on board – guaranteeing to set you ahead in competition on the platform.

To know more about our Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages and get more details of how we will help you grow, reach out to us at connect@xcentricservices.com. Being an experienced Facebook Ads Agency will answer all your queries and find the perfect customized Facebook Marketing Services Packages considering your marketing goals.







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