Why Should You Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Business?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 02, 2020

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a next-generation intelligent business application hosted on the cloud. It is known for bringing together exclusive capabilities for businesses. Technically, the application is an amalgam of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP features. Are you looking forward to bolt-on your project management, marketing, and field services? We suggest choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business. However, it is reasonable that you want to know the benefits of implementing it before making a decision. Hence, counting on our experience of years implementing Dynamics 365 for businesses, we have covered this article. Read through to understand the benefits you will get when team Xcentric Services implements Dynamics 365 for your business.

The Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Business       

Dynamics 365 is one complete solution offered by Microsoft that fosters productivity, intelligence, and security. Being ERP Consultants, we believe that these three are the fundamentals of a Digital Transformation Strategy. Hence, leveraging on them, we integrate Dynamics 365 with other Microsoft products for our client. Whether it’s Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or any other third-party application, we will integrate it all to ensure seamless workflows. Other than that, here are the major benefits you will get when we implement Dynamics 365 for your business;

Microsoft dynamics features

· Enhanced Flexibility

When implementing Dynamics 365 for your business, we will include applications that fit your type of industry and business. Moreover, post-implementation, you will be able to subscribe to more applications if needed. Thus, enabling your business to grow at its own pace and run on the cloud flexibly.

· Seamless Productivity

By implementing Dynamics 365 and integrating it with products like Outlook and Office 265, we will ensure that your business is seamlessly productive. 

· Business Intelligence

Using Power BI and Cortana, our implementation team will build intelligence into your business’s processes. It will help your employees and customers in discovering, analyzing, and applying data for decision-making.

· Adaptability

Post-implementation, the speed of your business processes will boost up. Moreover, you will be able to evolve your business processes in real-time without being restricted to technology.

What Sets Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apart In Competition?

When it comes to ERP and CRM solutions, there are countless options available in the market. However, considering the advantages and features, our vote always goes for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Still not convinced? Here’s a detailed insight into the advantages of Dynamics 365 covered by team Xcentric Services.

· Integration Capabilities

When implementing Dynamics 365, we do not purchase any additional development tools and languages for integrations. It integrates seamlessly with applications like Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Azure. If you are already a SharePoint user, you will get an advantage given the adaptability level of the user interface.

On the whole, integrating Office 365 and SharePoint complements the strengths and benefits of Dynamics 365. Hence, extracting data from your emails and converting them into actionable tasks will not be a hassle post-implementation. To read more about the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business, you can explore our Blog.

· Customer Data Security

Living in the digital world, we all know how important it is to secure customer data. While your customers are trusting you with their credit card details, you need to ensure their security. Unfortunately, not every ERP solution focuses on this aspect of a business. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central does focus on customer security.

Having three data centres in the UK, Microsoft offers users a 99.9% backed SLA. Plus, for those having data in other specific locations, Microsoft has other 100+ data centres across the globe. Other platforms similar to Microsoft Dynamics 365 do not offer such benefits.

customer data, Microsoft Dynamics

· Digital Transformation

Being a business, you must have read many studies on productivity and multitasking. One of the most dominant ones is perhaps the 50% loss in productivity when switching between applications. Imagine having to open up another application in-between composing an email. It does cause a mental block, right? This won’t happen once we implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business. With seamlessly integrated applications, you will be able to juggle between applications – All thanks to Digital Transformation!

Since the past few years, Microsoft has been significantly investing in developing products in the race of Digital Transformation. Considering it all, at Xcentric Services, we believe that IT no longer defines Information and Technology. We call it Innovation and Transformation in today’s consumer-demanding environment.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

Your sales team often has to juggle between business applications like CRM, SharePoint, and Outlook? And your marketing team has to open Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all at once? Xcentric Services has a solution for you – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pakistan

By implementing it, you can view a dashboard that reflects stats from your social media channels and marketing modules. Moreover, your sales team will be able to create updated quotes by Outlook’s integration with your Dynamics 365. Overall, your team will be able to respond to everything promptly; be it customers, strategies, or finance. Convinced to transform your business digitally with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Contact Us; We have the expertise to implement it successfully and improve your business bottom line.







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