Why should Businesses utilise Digital Marketing and Call Centers for Online Sales Conversion?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 24, 2020

Why should Businesses utilise Digital Marketing for Online Sales? At this point in 2020, it is clear that an E-Commerce Website is a must-have for businesses. Right now, while E-Commerce Website Development is an alternative or supplement for many brands, as it is rapidly evolving into a channel that is a top-most priority of today’s hyper class business world. If you are thinking of growing your online sales conversion with digital marketing services, you are in the right place.

Being a Magento 2 Development Agency ourselves, if we extend far beyond online retail and the trade exchanges that used to dominate the raw landscape of the internet, E-Commerce is now an essential channel for B2B, as well as B2C sales. Plus, as an all-rounder, it is also necessary for the distribution of any and every kind of product, virtually.

Is it easy to get into the E-Commerce game?

Deceptively, it is easy to get into the E-Commerce game. Set up a website with shopping cart capabilities and count yourself in business, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Even though setting up a website and a shopping cart is easy, actually administrating your E-Commerce platform is far more complex. Online catalogs need to be complete and accurate. Pricing and orders need to be spot-on, and the deliveries should be on-time. From picking to packing, shipping, billing, and collections, everything needs to be in a seamless flow.

Did you plan about how to handle the returns? Well, if this is your first-time going online, let us tell you that return rates are much higher for E-Commerce sales. As compared to any other channel. These returns also demand efficient, practical, logistical, and financial execution.

Plus, not to forget that in this tech-driven era of big data and the internet, it is equally important to capture interaction data from customers. And use analytical tools to learn about them. Just so, you can learn to optimize your product designs and Digital Marketing campaigns.

Throughout the customer experience, merging E-Commerce with other channels seamlessly is the key to success. That’s what we call omnichannel sales and distribution. Didi you previously believe that this terminology was just a passing trend? Hold on your horses for a second and think of the reasons why E-Commercers have been interested in discussing this so-called omnichannel. Here’s a simple definition of it which we came across;

Omnichannel retail or supply chain uses a diversity of channels, including browser-based websites, brick & mortar locations, and mobile applications to provide the customers with exceptional shopping research and buying experience.

Can E-Commerce functions stand ALONE?

E-Commerce does not only present online retailers with a complete and consistent doorway to customer experience, but with the supporting functions like a Call Center in Pakistan and integrated Digital Services, it ensures efficient completion of transactions. We know that there’s a WHY crossing your mind. Customers don’t expect to pay more E-Commerce purchases to compensate for the supplier’s cost, at least the ones that operate on traditional channels. They demand to spend less.

Summarizing it all, E-Commerce is always up for offering new ways to reach customers, which are in-demand and expected. However, there’s a lot more than just setting up a website and taking the back seat. Hence, the success of an omnichannel basis on providing a consistent and efficient customer experience on every channel. And for that, you need to opt for E-Commerce Platform Integration Services supporting functions that treat every channel equally in terms of efficiency and effect.

E-Commerce Website – A Company’s Welcome Mat

After Email Marketing Pakistan, the use of the internet for commercial purposes began with simple product displays and on-line catalogs which are still an essential part of every brand’s digital presence. However, what tipped the balance from showrooms to the sales floor is the addition of shopping carts that turned the unexciting websites into functional, more interactable, and true Magento 2 E-Commerce Development charmers.

Top-notch brands that flaunt successful Magento E-Commerce websites do more than just emulating the in-store shopping experience. Beyond providing an opportunity to buy a product online, they also deliver choices and convenience that make doing online transactions much more efficient for both; the brand and its customer. Simply put, E-Commerce is more than just being where the customer is searching. It is about providing an exceptional customer experience. And that only comes with smooth processing, accuracy, and cooperation between the essentials below;

Digital Marketing for Online Sales

Are you considering E-Commerce as a Welcome Mat for your business? Keep in mind that you make first-time customers based on promises, offers, and features. Though for the second time, the customer only returns if you kept your promises. In simpler words, customer satisfaction only relies on efficiency, an effective sales process, and follow-through. And not to forget, more than half of these tasks are accomplished in conjunction with your company’s ERP and internal processes.

What to look for while choosing an E-Commerce solution?

While you choose an E-Commerce solution, make sure that it is comprehensive, user-friendly, and has authoring tools that make it easier for your Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan people to create and upgrade your digital showroom directly, without having to engage Magento Commerce Developers. Decide on a solution that is flexible for ordering, and its pricing competencies are enough to accommodate your requirements today and in the predictable future.

 Moreover, the connections and interfaces that are connected from and to your Odoo ERP Solutions are particularly important. Technically, implementing an E-Commerce solution that is an existing part of your ERP provider’s offering or by an Odoo Implementation Partner that has interfaced with your already built-in ERP is easier.

So, if you are considering a brand-new ERP solution, make sure that it has a module or a proven partner that interfaces with the rest of your ERP functions and database. Specifically, you need to maintain a seamless connection between your E-Commerce solution and your ERP. Feasibly, your E-Commerce solution should be able to draw data directly from the ERP tables with minimum data duplication between the two solutions.

Thus, enabling you to specify the exact information that is exchanged, when and in what direction. Besides, where probable, the E-Commerce platform user needs to have access to every piece of information they might require in the system; regardless of where the information resides.

Building a successful E-Commerce Strategy

If you believed that just installing an E-Commerce solution is all you need to do, well, stop right here. This is NOT a strategy. Though with this, we are not saying that your traditional Social Media Marketing and sales channels will disappear. E-Commerce will continue to grow and become more and more essential in every market. Hence, the strategy you plan, and the tools you decide on to support it need to be flexible enough and adaptable; to support your never-ending pursuit – Online Retail.

A practical E-Commerce strategy is the one that identifies your current needs. Plus, it includes a plan to meet them with necessary systems, processes, and teams. And not to forget, each of these elements needs to be formulated with a growth and expansion perspective in mind. Precisely, at this time, if you are not sure of how that growth will follow around, that’s okay. However, it is still essential to lay out the general parameters and the approach you have planned to use; to drive forward after establishing the initial capabilities. Along with the allocation of necessary resources that keep up your e-Commerce efforts up and running.

One critical element of such a forward-looking strategy that often gets overlooked is the need for education and training; for the users, managers, and developers of eCommerce processes. That includes formal training classes from systems suppliers, consultants, and other third-party sources. Along with keen awareness of market trends and developments gathered from industry publications, conferences, and user groups.

What gets overlooked in a strategy?

One component of such a forward-looking strategy that every so often gets ignored or underserved is the necessity for education and training for the platform users, managers, and Magento Web Developers.

So, as your strategy advances and unfolds, make sure that your team is engaged in every E-Commerce activity and achievement. The team takes in senior administrators and business entities from across the organization. Along with sales personals, the tech people, and supply chain associates.

  • Plan an Integrated Approach

It is essential to plan an integrated approach that includes everything from the website itself to its tech-challenges; throughout fulfillment, returns, financial management, analysis, and sales feedback. Along with Digital Media Marketing, product design, logistics, and customer relationships.

  • Choose the right Tech Platform and Toolset

To enable the customer-facing capabilities and flexibilities, along with E-Commerce Platform Integrations with BPO Services and other supporting functions, you need to choose the right fitting tech platform and toolset. And for that, choose from Magento Implementation Partners that help you drive towards success.

Digital Marketing for Online Sales

In Conclusion

Assuming that you are all set to utilize the power of Digital Marketing Services and Call Center in Lahore for continuously improving your E-Commerce plan, make sure that you provide a customer experience that is continually in flux. Rest assured, you will continue learning as you drive through your Magento 2 Development Services experience. Digital marketing is the best source to drive your online sales.

However, E-Commerce solutions can still become a problematic at some point in the digital journey. As a result, Xcentric Services being a Digital Marketing agency can provide you with the complete online sales conversion details for your company. Hence, to make sure that you start on a solid plan with a competitive strength; get in touch with us at Xcentric Services. We’ll help you deliver an exceptional customer experience because we believe that there’s no more time left to waste! 







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