Why Sales Are Lost Even After So Much Advertising

John Smith

  • Mar 11, 2019

Many retailers put so much of their efforts to advertise their store just to increase the business and more customers can know about their business.

As a retailer, you might have experienced that a customer enters your store to buy some things. He looks around the products you have walk in your store and selects something to buy. Unfortunately, he changes his mind and leaves the store without buying the product he selected.

This is the worst thing in the retail business. Some of you might think about why this happened and what can we do to avoid the sales loss situation. This is where the retailers lost sales. Many retailers are focused on the key performance indicators KPI in fact they are just focused on sales metrics. They don’t have any idea what the traffic and conversion insights can do to improve their business. Still many of the retailers are unknown to the fact that customer behavior plays an important role in the retail business.

Many of the retailers work on two types of primary sales metrics per year annual sales and average transaction value ATV metrics but both of the metrics have issues in them. Most of the retailers work on these lines of business and they never have any idea that they are losing sales after doing everything right and in proper order.

It happens that some of the products in the retail store keep boosting up the annual and average sales metrics but they are losing the customers interaction with the store such as fewer people are visiting the store this will put a negative impact on the store working and it can negatively impact the sales overall. The retailer might get to know the fact that he is losing sales but still, he is not using the right tools.

Talking about the issues, there are should be some solutions as well. As the technology of people counting is being familiar in the retail business. Many retailers are using the people counting cameras to get accurate traffic data and the data helps the retailer to check the journey of customers in the retail store. Which products interest them and how long the visitor stayed in your store? You can also know the time of journey of any customer in the store.

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Installing the people counters in your store will help you to understand your customer behavior and you can see which products are in demand and which products are not much appreciated by the customers. The data collected from the people counters is accurate to 98% and manufacturers are pushing it to 100% accuracy. Well, the data collected from the people counters allow you to study your targeted customer behavior and you can make changes in your store according to it.

Any business or we can say retail business is successful when you pay your full attention to customer demands and every sale either small or big is important. If you start losing your sales you will gradually find yourself at a big loss.

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