Why Opt For Google Analytics Set Up?


  • Feb 01, 2022

With almost every business going online, the importance of analytics and data has increased drastically. Currently, every dollar that a business spends on marketing is counted, and analytics also play a HUGE role in setting the marketing spend. For that reason, millions and billions of businesses around the globe opt for Google Analytics Set Up. It helps track important metrics and make game-changing decisions.

BUT, the question is – how can to use it after set up? We at Xcentric Services can handle that part for you. However, before you actually get on board with us, let’s look into the details of how we use Google Analytics 4.0 to the benefit of our clients.

Using Google Analytics 4.0 – How We Do It For Our Clients?

One of the defining properties of Google Analytics 4.0 is that it collects enough data from mobile applications and websites to generate performance reports – viewable on dashboards. Confused about how we use it for clients at Xcentric Services after they Create New Google Analytics Account? Keep reading the blog to learn about every way in detail.

Create New Google Analytics Account

1. Real-Time Dashboard

After the completion of Google Analytics Set Up, a real-time dashboard appears, providing insights on the website and mobile application performance. Through it, we analyze the number of users who have visited the client’s property in the last few minutes. Mostly, data for the various events that have occurred between the last 30 minutes can be found there.

Events were first introduced in Google Analytics 4.0, referring to the different hits that might occur on a website or mobile application. For example, first visit, page view, user engagement, and other such hits are considered events. By leveraging the feature, we also find details on all the events for our clients in real-time.

2. User Acquisition

Below the acquisition section, there are details about where the mobile application or website users are coming from, along with other details. Namely, they are divided into three dashboards – Overviews, Traffic Acquisition, and User Acquisition.

The user acquisition sector shows user data that is based on various categories like sources, campaigns, mediums, and Google Ads network type. With information retrieved from this section, we provide our clients with important insights. They include the engagement rate, session numbers, and the count of Google Analytics Custom Events.

Besides that, from under the traffic acquisition section, we access data that is based on factors like session campaign, session source, and session medium. This feature lets us provide clients with the acquisition data of user sessions. Moreover, if the client wants an overall view of both the acquisition data sections, we use the dashboard named Acquisition Overview.

Google Analytics Custom Events.

3. Engagement

As we have mentioned before, every Google Analytics 4 Property is designed for providing a complete understanding and helpful insights of users from across platforms. Hence, our team believes that the Engagement dashboard provides detailed information about the experience of customers on the website or mobile application of the client.

Precisely, user engagement is based on the various events that normally occur, and the dashboard provides access to every event’s data – including the count of times it occurred. For example, the events include page views, first-time hits, and session starts. In comparison, the previous versions of Google Analytics had goals instead of events, which were quite difficult to track.

To make it all work, we also link the Google AdWords account of the client with Google Analytics 4.0. This helps us better measure the revenues of every event – regardless of its type. Besides that, the data also helps our team in optimizing the further marketing campaign actions which are profitable for the business.

4. Monetization

If our client is running an E-Commerce store or Ads for any other business, we count on the features of the Monetization section. It provides insight into the profitability of the client’s website or mobile application. Particularly, we use it for finding the data on total revenues earned, the way it is earned, and how more revenues can be generated in the future.

In the section, we also get to see the data on total revenues generated – including the web store revenues and Ads revenues. Besides that, other details like the average revenue per visitor and detailed information about the E-Commerce purchases can also be accessed. Simply let out team know which insights you require after Google Analytics Set Up and from the dashboard, we will find everything.

Google Analytics 4 Property

5. Conversions

The word conversion is referred to the actions taken by the visitors, attributed to success.  For instance, actions like hitting the PROCEED CHECKOUT button, signing up for a FREE TRIAL, or filling out a lead form are counted as a conversion by our experts at Xcentric Services.

So, by setting up Google Analytics 4.0, we measure the conversions for the website or mobile application of our clients. It enables marking the events as conversions through the dashboard, which can also be tracked even after 24 hours. In addition, for some clients, we also create new conversion events that are specifically used for conversion tracking.


Analytics and data are an essential part of any business’s success. Right now, Google Analytics is considered the BEST tool for getting detailed insights. Its newest version 4.0 is also designed for making data increasingly customer-centric and directed at improving conversions. So, assuming that you have understood the importance of the valuable tool, why not join the bandwagon by setting up and using it? The professionals at Xcentric Services can help you get the most out of the platform post-setup. For getting started, drop us a query at conenct@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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