Why is Progressive Web Apps Important and Why Do You Need One?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 03, 2020

Progressive Web Apps is a comprehensive combination of a mobile app and a web page. Its super technical and most advanced features create an impressive user experience for the customers as it bridges the break between conventional E-Commerce Website Development and a modern-day mobile app. It is a website that delivers mobile app-like features, where the fittest features from websites and mobile apps are extracted and highlighted in a PWA to provide the best user experience ever.

The digital experts of this tech-driven era predict PWA to be the future of Dynamics 365 E-Commerce. But why is that so? In this article, we’ve surveyed some facts and figures explaining how PWA has influenced and transformed the way businesses operate. Let’s go through them;

  • Debenhams- One of the most prominent fashion brands has observed that just by adopting PWA, their mobile revenue boosted by 40%, and they saw a 20% rise in the conversion rate.
  • Starbucks– They acknowledged that their everyday active users increased by 2X following their PWAs launch, while their orders on the desktop are roughly equal to mobile now.
  • Trivago- Observed an addition of 97% in click-outs to the hotel offers. While buyers go offline while browsing, 65% of them come back and proceed to window-shop.

Presently, the question rises – Why PWA is essential and why influential brands like these preferred to launch a PWA?

The Importance of PWA; Why does your business need one?

If you are not benefiting from the power of PWA, it means you either use a Magento E-Commerce Development website or a mobile app to operate. However, we’ve listed below some reasons why launching a PWA is essential over websites or native apps.

Websites aren’t Mobile-Friendly

The tech-savvy users of this digital arena don’t find the idea of using a website much appealing. The reason? Websites aren’t mobile-friendly enough.

No matter how actively you work on making your websites mobile-friendly, some issues manage to arise, no matter what. Problems like delayed load time of mobile pages, unfriendly navigation, clickable features not being optimized, etc.

Technically, a user hardly takes around 0.05 seconds to judge whether they admire your website or not. And that’s a very short-term period if your website is stuck, or a buyer does not find a CTA easily.

There’s one appealing feature of a PWA in instances like these; It fits in any room, be it a desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatsoever is coming on the way. The surprising fact is – It provides an almost similar experience to each of the users, regardless of their device. Hence, directly eliminating the concern of your platform not being user-friendly enough.

Magento E-Commerce Development

Increase in the count of Mobile Users

Since the last decade, there is an accelerated rise in the figure of mobile phone users. Where more than 60% of entire internet usage is followed via mobile phones. Hence, the reason why mobile commerce and Mobile App Development have been on a constant rise with the availability of online shopping options.

Without any doubt, the savvy buyers of today consider browsing through their phones while lying in the comfort of their bed, instead of getting up and switching over to a desktop. And we won’t be guilty either if we said that browsing through mobile phones is easier and handier.

So considering the growing number of mobile phone users, it has become the necessity of the hour to have a platform that users can effortlessly access on their mobile phones.

Mobile App Development

Customers hesitate to install a Mobile App

The buyers of today hesitate to utilize a mobile app. Why? Here’s an illustration of the journey that drives them away; It all begins by exploring the app on Play Store, then downloading it, acquiring permissions, and then finally expecting it to install successfully. By the point the user starts using it, almost 20% of them lose track at each step.

Moreover, it is tiresome for the users to drive through the entire journey step-by-step or even to allow the mobile app to access their data like contacts, image galleries, etc.

A PWA is a very accessible opportunity to grow for small and mid-sized businesses. As they usually do not own native apps due to expense or time constraints. In such cases, PWA is the best potential opportunity that can help them draw customers by presenting the most satisfying experience ever.

Being a Web Development Company in Lahore providing Web Development Services, we’ve launched web apps for growing businesses, while they already owned their native app; The reason behind being acquiring more customers, that were lost from their website or native apps.

The Features of PWA – Are you ready to launch one?

App Like Impression – PWA gives you an app-like atmosphere and yet possesses all the website features.

Offline Mode – The offline mode of PWA is one of the most prominent features. It continues working even if you drop the internet connection and modifications are cached automatically and concurrently.

Stable Performance – PWAs are way more secure and stable compared to a Mobile App.

No Installation and Download Time – Say no more to extended install and download periods with PWA; There’s no need to look for the app on Google Play or Apple App Store. But instantly download the app on your device.

Improved Customer Experience – PWA elevates the customer experience like never before, as it provides an identical appearance and experience across all platforms.

A rise in Conversion Rate – All the startling features of PWA help you in boosting the conversation rate.


PWA serves as a mid-way solution for all the obstacles users face on a website and a mobile app. Hence, deciding on adapting a PWA now will bring numerous benefits to the business. And perhaps, it is the most guaranteed investment you could make for the present and future, as PWA is trending all over the Magento E-Commerce Development Services space.

You’ve made up your mind to go for a PWA, but there’s confusion about how to drive through the Web App Development process? Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services; We’re a Web Development Company in Chicago, holding on a successful history of Web Design Services, Android App Development, and IOS App Development. Talk to our experts and let us pave your way towards success with our digital solutions.








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