Why Hire A Social Media Marketing Company For Your Business?

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  • Jun 14, 2021

We might sound a bit biased when it comes to talking about the benefits of Social Media Marketing. But fortunately, you do not have to take the words of our marketing team at Xcentric Services only. Apart from them, 70% of savvy marketers globally are also using social media platforms; to increase lead generation and help businesses achieve their goals. And meanwhile, it is almost nearly impossible to find a brand that does not have a social media presence.

However, there are still many critics who do not consider the marketing channel beneficial for a business. For most of them, social media often has a bad rep because of its time-sink. Also, measuring ROI from it can be difficult, hence, the reason businesses should consider hiring a Social Media Marketing Company. Want to know its benefits? Well, actually, there are many, and we have covered a few in this blog!

Social Media Marketing Company

The Most Overlooked Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Marketing Company

Social media now deserves the attention of businesses more than ever now. Even though investing in Social Media Marketing Services may not result in sales, or a viral moment instantly, there is a lot it can do for your business in the long and short run. Here is a breakdown of the services we at Xcentric Services offer to our clients when managing their social media presence:

1. Tapping Real-Time Industry Trends

Precisely put, social media platforms are a goldmine of Business Intelligence – but HOW? As starters, think about how transparent is social media. All of us can see real-time and unfiltered conversations between business and their customers. If you want to know if a brand is doing well, the first thing to do is visit its social media profile. And of course, the social activity of the brand will give you a clue about what are real-time trends.

As a Social Media Marketing Company, we can help you tap into these trends via social media marketing strategies and increase online conversion rates. To give you an example of how, when marketing a business on Instagram, we check we keep an eye on what the customers discuss while talking about our client’s brand. The talks are then creatively turned into hashtags and key terms by our marketing team. They are then used in the posts to get into trends.

2. Competitive Analysis

Perhaps one of the notable benefits of getting our Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan is our marketing team spying on the competitors of our clients. What are they promoting currently? Which type of Ads are run by them usually? How different is their content strategy from ours? All these questions are answered by our team at Xcentric Services.

By carrying out a competitive analysis on social media, they uncover the growing opportunities on the social media platforms for businesses. This also involves stepping into new lanes in terms of marketing and advertising too.

For example, if we realize that the competitors of our clients are crushing the competition with Facebook Ads but lacking making a strong presence on Instagram, we plan surefire Instagram Marketing campaigns. And this goes the other way around too, in case the competition is more on Instagram. Though the only goal at the end of the day is going head-to-head in competition and ensuring the business does not fall behind anyway.

3. Better Customer Service

According to recent statistics, more than half of the customers today refer to social media for getting answers to their concerns, search for a product or service, and everything in between. Unlike those boring traditional phone calls and long-long emails, customer service on social media that we provide as a Social Media Marketing Company on behalf of our client is a WIN-Win.

In simpler words, customers and competitors these days see how a brand/business interacts with its target audience. Hence, we make sure to put forward positive interactions on the social media feeds of our clients and get them an edge over others. Whether it is responding to the feedback given by a customer on Facebook or addressing a negative comment under a social media post, our team is there to the rescue every time. And of course, tracking the day-to-day comments and ensuring that the social media feed remains on the positive side is a MUST for us at Xcentric Services for every client.

Social Media Marketing Services

4. Overpowering Competitors

Even though you might think that this benefit is a no-brainer, we think this is worth mentioning. Simply having a social media presence does not lend any power to your brand/business. Think about if your closest competitor has an Instagram feed full of user-generated photos. Are the customers showing off their products? Not a good sight, we know.

On the flip side, if you hire us to handle your social media feed, being a Social Media Marketing Company, we will make sure that you attract customers, convert them to leads and increase sales. By regularly publishing content relevant to what your business offers, they signal the audience to be your customer.

And oh, how can we forget the position social media helps get when someone looks up your brand on social media? All things considered, let us help you make your Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media platform the first good impression of our business. It will surely be worth the results.

5. Appeal Social-Savvy Customers

Saying that social media platforms have transformed the traditional marketing landscape is an understatement. Also, thinking of them as modern-day marketing channels might seem a bit cliché. Especially because they reach customers of every age.

With that being said, in our consideration, the Millennials and Generation Z are shaking up the marketing world. They do not respond to traditional marketing ways like TV Ads, SMS, and print media. Moreover, they have also started growing up along social media platforms and their trends. Hence, we as an agency are here to help you face the reality with our services.

As the younger audience hops from one social media platform to another, our marketing pros at Xcentric Services experiment with different advertising and marketing channels. Thus, continuing to help our clients appeal to the younger target audience.

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Being on social media has become a MUST for brands rather than an expectation of the customers. Moreover, we agree with the fact that social media should not be latched on saying ‘JUST BECAUSE’. Instead, businesses should understand all the benefits of hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency like Xcentric Services. These benefits vary from one client to another and are not limited to the mentioned ones only. However, still, there is no denying the importance of social media. Considering it all, if you are now ready to hire us, get in touch with us TODAY!







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