Why Getting Facebook Marketing Services In Pakistan Is Worth It?

kashif ali

  • Jul 02, 2021


Without any doubt, there are tons of benefits a business can reap by getting Facebook Marketing Services. Like marketing on other digital media platforms, marketing on the social giant Facebook also helps. From acquiring customers to building brand awareness and driving traffic to the website – Facebook helps every business grow no matter its size. However, this is just a kickstart. As a Facebook Marketing Company, we at Xcentric can get you much more than just these benefits. Want to know about them in detail? Well then, keep reading this blog we have covered to give businesses like you the best insight into our services and Facebook Marketing Prices.

Facebook Marketing Services for Businesses

Benefits Of Getting Our Facebook Business Marketing Services

Quite frankly, the benefits that our Facebook Marketing Services Packages provide go beyond this list. If you as a business are still not leveraging these benefits of Facebook, you are probably missing out on your target audience. Still not convinced that marketing on the social media platform and getting Facebook Agency Support is a MUST these days? Read the benefits listed below to realize the potential of the platform.

1.  Increased Brand Awareness

Facebook Marketing strategies that we plan at Xcentric for businesses significantly build their brand awareness. Most businesses lack at making people aware of their products and services – and that is where our Facebook Marketing Consultants come to the rescue. By making the target audience more familiar with what our client’s brand offers, we being a Facebook Ads Agency convince them to make a purchase. Technically, this brand awareness is increased by us maintaining a creative and engaging Facebook Feed for the clients on Facebook. And so, when it is time for the audience to make a decision, the first brand popping in mind is our client.

2.  Website Traffic Volume

You have launched a website for your business but there is no traffic? Investing in the Facebook Marketing Services we provide at Xcentric can boost traffic volumes. By running a website click campaign and sharing the website link in every post on the client’s Facebook Feed, every Facebook Marketing Expert in our team drive the target audience to their website. Though you might be thinking that there are several ways to drive website traffic, trust us, the precision of Facebook Marketing is more beneficial than every other way out there.

3.  Measurable Marketing

When brands get on board with us for B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook, we do not play a guessing game. The results of every marketing campaign we run and every creature that makes it to the client’s Facebook Feed is measurable. Safe to say, every time, the engagement rate and online conversion rate of our clients speak for themselves. No matter what you want to keep a check on, the number of likes on your posts, comments, shares, or clicks, with Facebook Insights – we can crunch all the numbers for you being a Messenger Marketing Agency.

4.  Increased Customer Attribution

By leveraging Facebook as a marketing platform, we also increase the customer attribution for our clients. Precisely saying, attribution is the number of times the target audience sees a brand. The more the target audience interacts with your brand, there are likely more chances of them converting into leads and eventually sales. Marketing pros at our social-driven Facebook Advertising Agency have what it takes to increase customer attribution. Hence, you can count on our Facebook Advertising Packages to increase this too.

Facebook Marketing Services for Businesses

5.  Drive Offline Sales

Worried about not achieving your in-store sales goal and other Facebook Marketing Agencies you hired were of no help? Well, the good news is that investing in Facebook Marketing Services also helps in driving offline sales. Many clients we have at Xcentric have noticed an increase in their in-store sales too after getting our services. How? The answer is straight – we are living in an era where everyone uses social media. Once you as a brand have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, the target audience becomes more familiar. Familiarity leads to them trusting you and then visiting you in-store whenever they decide on making a purchase related to what your brand offers.

6.   Engage Website Visitors

Ever visited a website and while scrolling through Facebook you saw the brand’s post? This is what we call smart re-marketing being Facebook Marketing Partners. By keeping an eye on the analytics and the visitor demographics, we re-market the brand to its website visitors. This means that if a visitor went through your website and left without making a purchase, we can re-engage them with B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook. Thus, increasing the online conversion rate dramatically.

7.    Mobile Marketing

Mobile is the future of every business, as almost 70% of internet users are on their mobile. Also, according to statistics, over 85% of Facebook users use social media applications on their mobile devices. In fact, it is one of the largest and most used social media applications that exist today. Hence, if you leverage the power of Facebook PPC Marketing with our help, there is no chance of failing. You as a business will be marketing your brand on the device to your target audience – and that is what they want actually.

Also, do you know what is more interesting than this? More than half of these Facebook users stay logged in all day on the social media application with their mobile phones. So why let go of the chance? Invest in Facebook Marketing Packages and get started on tapping into the potential audience on Facebook through organic strategies and Web Design Facebook Ads. It will surely help you grab some buyers.

Facebook Marketing Services for Businesses

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Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of investing in Facebook Promotion Packages, do not delay getting on the social media platform. Our marketing team at Xcentric can help you maintain a strong presence on Facebook that speaks for your brand. Hence, hire us as your partner Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan and invest in our Facebook Ad Management Packages. Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY to get your budget-friendly Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages!







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