Why Get Microsoft Dynamics Support For Your Business In 2021?

kashif ali

  • Oct 28, 2021


In this fast-moving world, every business dreams of combining Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in one management system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based ERP and CRM system offering businesses a full suite of features and tools that help streamline work processes and communication. Even though it was launched years back, the functionalities and features are getting upgraded continuously; to meet the needs of marketing, sales, and customer services. As a Microsoft Partner agency, we – Xcentric Services, have covered this blog on why every business needs Microsoft Dynamics Support; for improving processing and gaining customer insights.

Xcentric Services for Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan

Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Introduction

No matter what size a business is, small, mid-sized, or large, it needs a solution that facilitates communications with customers, team members, and prospects. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides this support with its cloud-based applications that help manage business processes. From operations to sales, accounting, and everything in between – the management system streamlines it all.

Starting from the employees, it provides them the practical tools needed to improve productivity, improve relationships with customers and generate more business. Moving on to the executive, Dynamics 365 offers them valuable insights into performance through the Business Intelligence platform. Technically, because the system combines both – ERP and CRM, by using it, businesses can streamline internal and external communications.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365?

With tons of CRM and ERP systems out there, it can be hard to decide if you actually need Microsoft Dynamics Support, and investing in it is the right move. To help you make an informed decision, we have covered the benefits of using it right below. Scroll down the blog and give them a read!

1.  Easy Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed in a hybrid environment or on the cloud. It is an easy-to-use management system that can be deployed without any hassle. All you need to do is hire Xcentric Services for Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan. By considering your budget and the infrastructure of your business processes, we will deploy it successfully. Once deployed, your employees will be able to access its tools and other Dynamics 365 applications from any device.

2.  Microsoft Products Integrations

Businesses can depend on Dynamics 365 completely because it can be integrated with other products by Microsoft easily – including the suite of applications in Office 365. With this integration, businesses implementing the management system can use Outlook for communicating, Power BI for analyzing data, and SharePoint for sharing documents. Thus, making it easier for them to work and switch between applications without having to spend extra time on data transferring between applications and platforms.

3.    Short Sales Cycles

Whether taking calls at the office or working in-field, the sales team of a business using Dynamics 365 gets access to customer data that is insightful. Therefore, enabling them to respond and deliver information to customers without saying – Let me get back to you shortly. Moreover, besides just shortening the sales cycle by improving communication, the system also provides a complete picture of customer journeys. Thus, allowing the business to provide a more targeted experience to customers.

Microsoft Dynamics Support

4.    Customizable System

On getting the Microsoft Dynamics Support, businesses get access to build-in tools and modules. They help automate tasks across project service, sales, customer service, field service, and marketing. In case these built-in tools of the management software do not meet your need, do not worry. Microsoft experts at Xcentric Services can customize them to meet the needs of your business using the additional fields and new objects. Moreover, because the system is flexible and has multiple deployment options, we can also tailor it; according to your team size, budget, and KPIs.

5.   Enhanced Customer Service

Valuable data is collected by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for each customer by analyzing website visits, interaction with the business, communities they are a part of, and much more. Buying patterns, sentiments of the customers, and brand loyalty can also be identified using the Business Intelligence (BI) tool of the management system. Technically, these are the data points that are not measurable quantitatively but are relevant to the selling process. Therefore, on Microsoft Dynamics 365 implimentation, businesses get access to all the data and connect with the customers; on a more human level and in a personalized manner.

6.    Increased Productivity

By using Dynamics 365, your employees can get access to any kind of data and work efficiently by cutting on time that goes into searching for information. Moreover, this also helps them make better and informed decisions as they have all the insights at their fingertips. Instead of accessing data on CRM, Office applications, and ERP systems separately, they can find everything under one roof on Dynamics 365. Thus, making it a win-win situation.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get Microsoft Dynamics 365 TODAY!

Are you ready to streamline your business processes, understand customers better and improve efficiency business-wide? Considering the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is the right management system for all your needs. However, adding a new system to an existing business infrastructure can be hard. We at Xcentric Services can provide you with the needed resources for the implementation without any glitches. From configuring it to automating the workflows and training your in-house team on how to use the system – we can do it all.  Hence, if you have any more questions or want to get the implementation quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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