Why E-Stores, Unified Commerce Approach, and Customer Experience are important for CPG in the current COVID situation?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 04, 2020

As the influence of COVID-19 continues to grow across oceans, leaders are reflecting over the impacts that it has on their businesses. The stay-at-home regulations and shutdowns imposed on many businesses are encouraging business leaders to discover brand-new E-Commerce Website Development and Digital Media Marketing ways to reach out to the consumers.

As before-mentioned, the demand for fast-moving consumer goods has also been affected. In massively affected countries, the need for Consumer Packaged Goods – CPG, proceeds to escalate sharply, and there has been a notable surge in spending on household goods as well.

To lessen their chances of contracting the virus, people are reducing their frequent runs to the grocery stores. While the lockdown resorts some to hoarding toilet paper, grooming products, water, and food, others are using Magento E-Commerce Development to buy for their needs and more. Hence, the shift in buying patterns has made retailers rethink their dependence on in-store shopping.

Buyers’ Habits are Evolving Rapidly

An online survey reveals that home delivery and store pickup online grocery sales reached another 30-day record for April, striking $6.2 billion and denoting a 38% expansion from $4.5 billion in March. As indicated by information, online sales of CPG became 56% in the week closing April 18.

The volume of consumers requesting a necessary food item online has grown as well in April. It is surprising to note that 35% of these are first-ever online purchases made by people to buy basic food. Reasonably speaking, this unusual shopping behavior could become the modern standard for satisfied customers. Hence, opening an extremely convincing door for retailers to opt for advanced Digital Installations and Dynamics E-Commerce arrangements.

The Rescuer; E-Commerce

While Amazon persists as a go-to Best CRM for E-Commerce platform, conventional brick-and-mortar retailers have also considered capturing this opportunity by digitizing their online presence with Digital Marketing Services in Chicago and Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce. Walmart, for instance, has developed Walmart.com. Similarly, the leading brand Target Corp. is modifying in diverse ways to keep up with the wave in sales of products like food, beverages, health, and beauty essentials.

However, in fresh produce categories, Dynamics 365 E-Commerce is currently struggling. Retailers are searching for robust E-Commerce Platform Integration Services that will help them deliver seamless omnichannel experiences across channels.

Though according to a report, even if the conventional physical retail stores open up, digital sales are still going to be skyrocketing. Hence, now is the time to turn towards Magento E-Commerce Development Services.

Magento E-Commerce Development Services

Prepare-up to face some real CHALLENGES

There’s no doubt about the fact that every tech advancement and valuable innovation comes with its own set of unique challenges and obstacles that every business has to overcome. In this article, we’ve wrapped up some current challenges that come up while you sell digitally.  So let’s read through what’s about to come your way!

1. Interrupted Supply Chains

The lockdown has put immense stress on the supply chain of businesses, especially groceries, fresh produces, and staples. These essential items, needed every day by millions of isolated citizens, are required to be delivered with minimum human-to-human contact. Due to obstructed supply chains and a drop in imports, raw materials supplies might be an added influential challenge for preferred categories in retail and durables.

2. Buyer Concerns to Receiver Online Packages 

With modern developments emerging every day, buyers are concerned about their safety, and it is altering their shopping behaviors quickly; A reason why they are cautious of receiving their online grocery orders.

3. Failure to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

As the pandemic spreads, businesses are not much equipped to handle the rise in orders with their current infrastructure. The Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Integration is not flexible, and their business processes are not flexible enough either. Even when buyers will continue to shop online, they assume a seamless experience. So, as the experience fails to impress customers, they will be prompt to shift to your competitors and alternatives.

Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Integration

Adapting to the Changes and Battling the Challenges

In these uncertain times of social distancing and self-isolating, grocery delivery and pickup services are marking an immense increase. To avoid huge crowds at grocery stores, consumers are embracing BOPIS; buy-online-pick-up-in-store where buyers can place the order online and pick up the package at a brick-and-mortar store, where they can receive it without proceeding inside the store.

More and more buyers will turn towards online shopping services such as home-based delivery, click-and-collect services will grow. Though still, it is totally up to the retailers on how competently they can adapt to the circumstances and assure seamless shopping experiences beyond channels.

Magneto Implementation Partners

The Question of the Hour; How YOU can tap into this surge with Xcentric?

We now stand at an influential point in time, which signals as a turning time for buyer behavior. Proceeding by previous statistics and conclusions, the increase in online shopping is here to stay. Even though it might have reached the peak, but in the slump, it will surely rest much higher than what it was before. But, to pitch on that growth and to sustain it, retailers will have to guarantee seamless and exceptional customer experiences; This also spans beyond constant administration of inventory and logistics.

So if you’re looking forward to sustaining it all, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today; We’re Magneto Implementation Partners working with retailers to help them strategize their E-Commerce sales and Digital Services during these uncertain times. 







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