Why Consider Hiring An Odoo Implementation Company?

kashif ali

  • Jun 28, 2021

Currently, the business world runs in a complex way. There are many challenges that a business of every size has to face – like fluctuations in consumer demands, changes in raw material costs, and much more. By hiring an Odoo Implementation Company like Xcentric Services and empowering their business with Odoo ERP, they can meet all the challenges. The all-inclusive solution comes packed with modules like Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management, Point of Sales, and much more. Want to explore the benefits of the solution before getting on board with us? We have them all covered in this blog – keep on reading!

Odoo Implementation Services

Advantages Of Hiring An Odoo Implementation Company

We are a tech agency providing Odoo Implementation Services to help businesses streamline and automate their processes. Mostly, our services cover integrating every module for the clients in every kind of industry – be it manufacturing, E-Commerce, or any other. To highlight a few, here are the advantages our clients get after getting on board with us for the implementation:

·  Enhance Efficiency

Getting a fully integrated ERP system like Odoo implemented with your business processes helps increase efficiency and, ultimately the productivity. Moreover, with an Odoo Implementation Company like us implementing it, the business operations are automated to their maximum. Thus, reducing the time spent by employees working manually on day-to-day business operations and monitoring them in different departments.

·  Increased Workflow Transparency

Odoo is an ERP solution with centralized data, which means, the workflows and daily tasks are highly transparent in it. For example, if we integrate Odoo ERP with the project management tools for a client, their employees can easily view the co-workers’ tasks and work better as a team. In the long term, this increase in workflow transparency also leads to increased productivity and better relationship management.

·   Centralized Data

By implementing the open-source Odoo ERP system, we help businesses create a centralized database for their internal workflows. This database enables them to reduce the time their employees spend on individuals work tasks. With a centralized database, employees from each department of the business get to view the information without depending on others.

For example, an employee from the marketing department does not have to interact with the sales team every day to stay up-to-date with customer preferences. They can simply access the centralized data and get the data they need in just a few minutes.

Odoo Implementation Partners in Pakistan

·  Customer Relationship Management

The integration of Odoo ERP with Customer Relationship Management increases effectiveness in communicating and maintaining relationships with customers. You must have heard the word sales funnel by marketers and business managers, that is exactly what we help businesses follow up with by implementing Odoo as the ERP system helps prioritize customers in the purchase journey and make sales.

Moreover, the implementation of Odoo ERP also helps marketers and managers track the sales stages and manage strategies directly to grab every opportunity of earning sales. We being Odoo Implementation Partners in Pakistan suggest businesses invest in this one-of-a-kind solution to maintain transparency between business operations and Customer Relationship Management. This, therefore, routes every business activity towards generating income.

·  Purchase Management

When integrating the modules of Odoo ERP with the client’s work processes, we never miss out on the Purchase Management module. Out of several other modules, our team at Xcentric Services favours this one the most as it allows sending quotation requests to suppliers automatically. This improves the overall performance of inventory and purchases performance management along with procurement, stock levels as stock orders, etc.

Besides, using the ERP solution, business managers can import/ export supplier price lists and their references to make quick purchase decisions last year. In addition, they can also keep track of the product availability in the inventory and check the order status.

In simpler words, the implementation enables businesses to analyze, forecast, and plan their orders efficiently. They can get access to accurate statistics about supplier performance, purchased raw materials, discounted prices, and delivery dates; all under one roof.

·  Human Resource Management

As an Odoo Implementation Company, we make sure to integrate the Human Resource Management Module with the client’s business processes. This does not only streamline the process but also automates the process of managing human resources. Moreover, the solution enables managers to maintain a secure database that stores employee information. For example: contact details, salary details, performance evaluation and recruitment management, etc.

·  Warehouse Management

The Odoo ERP solution module is jam-packed with endless features that ensure productivity, efficiency, consistency, and quality control. When implementing the solution, we do not miss out on integrating Warehouse Management for retail clients. The management system allows them to manage stock at different internal and external locations, suppliers, customers, and manufacturing inventory efficiently using real-time data.

Moreover, if a client’s business is on a large scale and involves importing raw material for manufacturing, the implementation enables them to manage incoming shipments and control inventory. Managing multiple store locations is also made hassle-free by implementing Odoo ERP as it has the capabilities that allow managing smooth and transparent operations throughout locations. And above all, proper management helps decrease the processing and manufacturing time. Thus, enabling employees to generate more work output in lesser time.

Get The Advantages Of Odoo ERP With Xcentric!

We are an Odoo Implementation Partner agency providing implementation services that meet the diverse requirements of every business. Our team at Xcentric Services has years of experience implementing the open-source ERP solution for businesses in different industries. Want us to do the same for your business and automate the work processes? Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservcies.com for a project quote TODAY!







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