Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics Support For Customer Relationship Management?

kashif ali

  • Nov 20, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for growing and mid-sized organisations. It enables managing business relationships, sales, customer services processes, and marketing. Practically, having Microsoft Dynamics Support for CRM improves employee productivity and knowledge. Moreover, we at Xcentric Services believe that it gives a more deep insight into customer relationships, performance, and opportunities.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Your Business – THE FIVE REASONS

Marketing, sales, and customer services are some features that streamline the way a business communicates with its team members and customers. It has an in-built friendly user interface that is ranked highest in adoption by users. Moreover, because it can be integrated with other products by Microsoft, the benefits double up. Do you still want to know some more Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM before you get it for your business? Keep reading the blog – we have listed them all right here.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan

1.  Capabilities

Dynamics 365 CRM is a collection of applications that are capable to manage every business process – from accounting to sales, operations, and human resources. Users can use the applications collectively or separately depending on the needs of their business.

Besides, our personal preference at Xcentric Services is the Sales feature offered by the CRM. Featuring a process-driven user interface that helps simplify the lead qualification process, it seamlessly converts the leads into customers. In addition, the opportunity management area of the software also has a built-in process header that allows managing opportunities through different stages of the sales funnel.

2.  Functionalities & Integrations

In comparison with any other software, Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan provides many more benefits with its CRM features. Every feature of the CRM integrates with other Microsoft tools and applications – including Office 365.

For instance, for clients at Xcentric Services, we integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with Outlook. It enables viewing the customer information that exists, sales activities, and other opportunity-related information in Outlook.

Besides, CRM tasks like adding up new leads, tasks, and appointments or tracking emails can also be done without any hassle from Outlook after the integration. Another cherry on top is that the functionalities are not just limited to Outlook. Some other functionalities a business can enjoy by integrating Office 365 with the Dynamics 365 CRM include:

  • Importing customer data into Microsoft Excel and Word templates from Dynamics 365.
  • Run analytics on Microsoft Excel live in Dynamics 365, link data between both that automatically updates, and maintain security permissions.
  • Access everything captured in OneNote directly from the customer record in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • View the calendars and documents of SharePoint directly in Dynamics 365.
  • Empower the users of Dynamics 365 to share documents and files hassle-free by integrating Microsoft Teams.
  • See the Office 365 Group documents and calendars in Dynamics 365, right beside the customer information that is relevant.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan-Dynamics 365 CRM

3.  Insights & Reporting

There is another powerful query feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that allows users to request data for variables like activities, clients, contracts, and more. Besides, they also get to define their personalized dashboard in the software – bringing forward the reports, information, and graphs that are relevant to their role.

Moreover, if you want Microsoft Dynamics Support for data visualization, we can import data for you into Power BI from Dynamics 365. Therefore, allowing you to analyze it in comparison with other information.

Even better, we can also feed data into the dashboard of Power BI from Dynamics365 so that only the information you need gets to your fingertips. All the information and insights will help you better understand the performance of your business through insights and reports – enabling you to scale it in the future.

4.  Deployment Options

Microsoft offers three deployment options for Dynamics 365 CRM; on-premise, cloud, or partner-hosted. Keeping that in mind, if a business chooses to use the cloud-hosted software, its team would be able to access information anywhere and at any time. It will not require any kind of hardware or IT costs that on-premise deployment requires. So, to be precise, it depends on you – whichever option you prefer, we will deploy.

5.   Pricing

By choosing to get Microsoft Dynamics Support, businesses achieve better and seamless functionalities at a comparatively lower price than any other CRM software. Three tiers of subscriptions are offered by Microsoft with different access levels and pricing. Hence, with all these options, to get the best ROI, choose the subscription plan that truly meets your need. Also, if you need help choosing between them, team Xcentric Services is always there to help.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan-Dynamics 365 CRM

Get Microsoft Dynamics 365 NOW!

If you want to invest in Dynamics 365 CRM for your business, you will definitely need Microsoft Dynamics Support from an agency like Xcentric Services. At first, it might look easy to implement the software, but believe it or not, it requires effort, time, and professional expertise.

Hence, to scale your business processes and relationship with the customers, get on board with us. We will help you select the right subscription plan and provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgradation in Pakistan along with ongoing support. Want to know more about the implementation process and the project quote? Drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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